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Project Description

The Biotissue project aims to simulate the deformation of soft tissues undergoing various loadings. At present the simulation has two scales of interest: a macroscale simulation which represents the primary geometry and forces acting upon that geometry and over which the overall simulation solution is applied, additionally, there are currently two classes of microscale simulation which can are conducted at various points of interest in the discretized macroscale geometry: a fiber-only simulation and a fiber-and-matrix simulation.

This software is currently being built atop the apf and AMSI libraries developed by SCOREC, as well as the Simmetrix partioned mesh libraries using the Parasolid Geometric Kernel. Additionally, the project uses PETSc for managing and solving the linear systems assembled during simulation. The PETSc library is configured to use the superLU_dist solver on the backend rather than using the the KSP solvers packaged with the PETSc library.

The code is available to check out: where the current working version is /branches/biotissue_amsi . So, from command line:

   svn co

or for public checkout

   svn co

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