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ParaView is a visualization software designed with the need of large data sets in mind. It is able to run on multiple computers using MPI to handle the largest data sets.

What follows is a tutorial to compile ParaView from sources on a Unix computer.


  • CMake, version
  • CVS clien to get the sources
  • C++ compiler such as g++
  • MPICH (or other MPI implementation) if parallel ParaView is desired

Getting the sources

We are interested in the very new phasta Reader developped by Kitware, which is (at least for the time being) only available in the development version of ParaView, which means that we need to get the sources from CVS.

$ cd /space 
$ cvs -d login
$ cvs -d co ParaView
   output truncated

Compilation - Serial

The recommended way to build ParaView is out of source, meaning that cmake, make etc are not run in the ParaView directory, but in a separate, empty one. This makes it possible to build ParaView in serial in one object directory, and in parallel in a second object directory.

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