Convert an AVI Movie to MPEG-4

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Before Starting

Make sure you have a copy of 3ivx D4 and Graph Edit

To Convert an AVI Movie to MPEG-4

  1. Open GraphEdit
  2. Drag your AVI Movie into GraphEdit.
  3. Delete all filters except the AVI movie and the AVI Splitter.
  4. Go to Graph > Insert Filters...
  5. Go to 3ivx Filters and insert the 3ivx D4 Audio Encoder, 3ivx Media Muxer, and 3ivx Video Encoder.
  6. Go to DirectShow Filters and insert the File writer. A new dialog should pop up. Insert the name of the file you want to save. (ie: my-movie.mp4).
  7. Return to the graph and right click on the first output pin on the AVI Splitter. Select Render Pin. Do the same with the second pin.
  8. You should now have a connected graph. Go to Graph > Play to convert your AVI file to MPEG-4.


3ivx Graph Edit

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