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Certain web applications require a 32bit install of Firefox with Sun's Java and Adobe's Flash. There is a machine setup specifically for these sites which you can use if you need to (for day to day browsing please use one of the workstations so as not to overload the 32bit machine):

 ssh -Y fred
 iceweasel -no-remote

Note that if you have Firefox or Iceweasel running on any other SCOREC machine you will need to either close it or setup a second user profile (set of bookmarks/cookies/cache/etc). You can do that by starting iceweasel as follows and using the "create profile" button (just give it a name and otherwise take the defaults)

 iceweasel -no-remote -ProfileManager

You can either leave the "Don't ask at startup" box checked and run as above every time you want to have multiple copies of firefox/iceweasel (multiple processes on multiple hosts, you can have several windows open without worrying about this) or you can un-check it and be asked which profile you want to use each time. You might want to try naming the profiles by machine so that you don't have to guess which one is in use.

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