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Visualizing data from acuSolve with Paraview requires a plug-in. The default Paraview does not automatically call this plug-in.


On SCOREC machines

1. Add the path to the AcuSolve plugin by setting the environment variable $PV_PLUGIN_PATH :

 $ export PV_PLUGIN_PATH=/usr/local/acusim/paraview/latest

2. Launch Paraview

 $ /usr/local/acusim/paraview/latest/bin/paraview

Setup on another machine

Download Paraview and the plug in.

Paraview binaries are avaliable at their website.

The acuSolve plug in can be found [ here ].

Once downloaded, unpack in $DEV_ROOT

 $ cd $DEV_ROOT
 $ tar xvfz  ParaView-3.8.1-Linux-x86_64.tar
 $ tar xvfz  AcuSolveReaderPlugin-Linux64-x86.tar.gz

this will leave you with two folders

 $ ls 
 AcuSolveReaderPlugin-Linux64-x86  ParaView-3.8.1-Linux-x86_64 

Launch Paraview

$ Paraview-3.8.1-Linux-x86_64/bin/paraview

Load AcuSolve Plugin

In Paraview, go to Tools -> Manage plugins, and select Load New ...


Then select the library AcuSolveReaderPlugin-Linux64-x86/, and click Ok .


Once loaded, click the + next to AcuSolveReader and check the Auto Load box.


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