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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki: namespace.

$wgAllMessagesEn = array(
'1movedto2' => '[[$1]] moved to [[$2]]',
'1movedto2_redir' => '[[$1]] moved to [[$2]] over redirect',
'Monobook.css' => '/* edit this file to customize the monobook skin for the entire site */',
'Monobook.js' => '/* tooltips and access keys */
ta = new Object();
ta[\'pt-userpage\'] = new Array(\'.\',\'My user page\');
ta[\'pt-anonuserpage\'] = new Array(\'.\',\'The user page for the ip you\'re editing as\');
ta[\'pt-mytalk\'] = new Array(\'n\',\'My talk page\');
ta[\'pt-anontalk\'] = new Array(\'n\',\'Discussion about edits from this ip address\');
ta[\'pt-preferences\'] = new Array(\'\',\'My preferences\');
ta[\'pt-watchlist\'] = new Array(\'l\',\'The list of pages you\'re monitoring for changes.\');
ta[\'pt-mycontris\'] = new Array(\'y\',\'List of my contributions\');
ta[\'pt-login\'] = new Array(\'o\',\'You are encouraged to log in, it is not mandatory however.\');
ta[\'pt-anonlogin\'] = new Array(\'o\',\'You are encouraged to log in, it is not mandatory however.\');
ta[\'pt-logout\'] = new Array(\'o\',\'Log out\');
ta[\'ca-talk\'] = new Array(\'t\',\'Discussion about the content page\');
ta[\'ca-edit\'] = new Array(\'e\',\'You can edit this page. Please use the preview button before saving.\');
ta[\'ca-addsection\'] = new Array(\'+\',\'Add a comment to this discussion.\');
ta[\'ca-viewsource\'] = new Array(\'e\',\'This page is protected. You can view its source.\');
ta[\'ca-history\'] = new Array(\'h\',\'Past versions of this page.\');
ta[\'ca-protect\'] = new Array(\'=\',\'Protect this page\');
ta[\'ca-delete\'] = new Array(\'d\',\'Delete this page\');
ta[\'ca-undelete\'] = new Array(\'d\',\'Restore the edits done to this page before it was deleted\');
ta[\'ca-move\'] = new Array(\'m\',\'Move this page\');
ta[\'ca-watch\'] = new Array(\'w\',\'Add this page to your watchlist\');
ta[\'ca-unwatch\'] = new Array(\'w\',\'Remove this page from your watchlist\');
ta[\'search\'] = new Array(\'f\',\'Search this wiki\');
ta[\'p-logo\'] = new Array(\'\',\'Main Page\');
ta[\'n-mainpage\'] = new Array(\'z\',\'Visit the Main Page\');
ta[\'n-portal\'] = new Array(\'\',\'About the project, what you can do, where to find things\');
ta[\'n-currentevents\'] = new Array(\'\',\'Find background information on current events\');
ta[\'n-recentchanges\'] = new Array(\'r\',\'The list of recent changes in the wiki.\');
ta[\'n-randompage\'] = new Array(\'x\',\'Load a random page\');
ta[\'n-help\'] = new Array(\'\',\'The place to find out.\');
ta[\'n-sitesupport\'] = new Array(\'\',\'Support us\');
ta[\'t-whatlinkshere\'] = new Array(\'j\',\'List of all wiki pages that link here\');
ta[\'t-recentchangeslinked\'] = new Array(\'k\',\'Recent changes in pages linked from this page\');
ta[\'feed-rss\'] = new Array(\'\',\'RSS feed for this page\');
ta[\'feed-atom\'] = new Array(\'\',\'Atom feed for this page\');
ta[\'t-contributions\'] = new Array(\'\',\'View the list of contributions of this user\');
ta[\'t-emailuser\'] = new Array(\'\',\'Send a mail to this user\');
ta[\'t-upload\'] = new Array(\'u\',\'Upload images or media files\');
ta[\'t-specialpages\'] = new Array(\'q\',\'List of all special pages\');
ta[\'ca-nstab-main\'] = new Array(\'c\',\'View the content page\');
ta[\'ca-nstab-user\'] = new Array(\'c\',\'View the user page\');
ta[\'ca-nstab-media\'] = new Array(\'c\',\'View the media page\');
ta[\'ca-nstab-special\'] = new Array(\'\',\'This is a special page, you can\'t edit the page itself.\');
ta[\'ca-nstab-wp\'] = new Array(\'a\',\'View the project page\');
ta[\'ca-nstab-image\'] = new Array(\'c\',\'View the image page\');
ta[\'ca-nstab-mediawiki\'] = new Array(\'c\',\'View the system message\');
ta[\'ca-nstab-template\'] = new Array(\'c\',\'View the template\');
ta[\'ca-nstab-help\'] = new Array(\'c\',\'View the help page\');
ta[\'ca-nstab-category\'] = new Array(\'c\',\'View the category page\');',
'about' => 'About',
'aboutpage' => 'Project:About',
'aboutsite' => 'About {{SITENAME}}',
'accesskey-compareselectedversions' => 'v',
'accesskey-diff' => 'v',
'accesskey-minoredit' => 'i',
'accesskey-preview' => 'p',
'accesskey-save' => 's',
'accesskey-search' => 'f',
'accmailtext' => 'The password for "$1" has been sent to $2.',
'accmailtitle' => 'Password sent.',
'acct_creation_throttle_hit' => 'Sorry, you have already created $1 accounts. You can\'t make any more.',
'actioncomplete' => 'Action complete',
'addedwatch' => 'Added to watchlist',
'addedwatchtext' => 'The page "[[:$1]]" has been added to your [[Special:Watchlist|watchlist]].
Future changes to this page and its associated Talk page will be listed there,
and the page will appear \'\'\'bolded\'\'\' in the [[Special:Recentchanges|list of recent changes]] to
make it easier to pick out.

<p>If you want to remove the page from your watchlist later, click "Unwatch" in the sidebar.',
'addgroup' => 'Add Group',
'addgrouplogentry' => 'Added group $2',
'addsection' => '+',
'administrators' => 'Project:Administrators',
'allarticles' => 'All articles',
'allinnamespace' => 'All pages ($1 namespace)',
'alllogstext' => 'Combined display of upload, deletion, protection, blocking, and sysop logs.
You can narrow down the view by selecting a log type, the user name, or the affected page.',
'allmessages' => 'System messages',
'allmessagescurrent' => 'Current text',
'allmessagesdefault' => 'Default text',
'allmessagesfilter' => 'Message name filter:',
'allmessagesmodified' => 'Show only modified',
'allmessagesname' => 'Name',
'allmessagesnotsupportedDB' => 'Special:Allmessages cannot be used because wgUseDatabaseMessages is off.',
'allmessagesnotsupportedUI' => 'Your current interface language <b>$1</b> is not supported by Special:Allmessages at this site.',
'allmessagestext' => 'This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki: namespace.',
'allnonarticles' => 'All non-articles',
'allnotinnamespace' => 'All pages (not in $1 namespace)',
'allowemail' => 'Enable e-mail from other users',
'allpages' => 'All pages',
'allpagesfrom' => 'Display pages starting at:',
'allpagesnext' => 'Next',
'allpagesprefix' => 'Display pages with prefix:',
'allpagesprev' => 'Previous',
'allpagessubmit' => 'Go',
'alphaindexline' => '$1 to $2',
'already_bureaucrat' => 'This user is already a bureaucrat',
'already_steward' => 'This user is already a steward',
'already_sysop' => 'This user is already an administrator',
'alreadyloggedin' => '<strong>User $1, you are already logged in!</strong><br />',
'alreadyrolled' => 'Cannot rollback last edit of [[$1]]
by [[User:$2|$2]] ([[User talk:$2|Talk]]); someone else has edited or rolled back the page already.

Last edit was by [[User:$3|$3]] ([[User talk:$3|Talk]]).',
'ancientpages' => 'Oldest pages',
'and' => 'and',
'anoneditwarning' => 'You are not logged in. Your IP address will be recorded in this page\'s edit history.',
'anonnotice' => '-',
'anontalk' => 'Talk for this IP',
'anontalkpagetext' => '----\'\'This is the discussion page for an anonymous user who has not created an account yet or who does not use it. We therefore have to use the numerical [[IP address]] to identify him/her. Such an IP address can be shared by several users. If you are an anonymous user and feel that irrelevant comments have been directed at you, please [[Special:Userlogin|create an account or log in]] to avoid future confusion with other anonymous users.\'\'',
'anonymous' => 'Anonymous user(s) of {{SITENAME}}',
'apr' => 'Apr',
'april' => 'April',
'article' => 'Content page',
'articleexists' => 'A page of that name already exists, or the
name you have chosen is not valid.
Please choose another name.',
'articlepage' => 'View content page',
'articletitles' => 'Articles starting with \'\'$1\'\'',
'aug' => 'Aug',
'august' => 'August',
'autoblocker' => 'Autoblocked because your IP address has been recently used by "[[User:$1|$1]]". The reason given for $1\'s block is: "\'\'\'$2\'\'\'"',
'badaccess' => 'Permission error',
'badaccesstext' => 'The action you have requested is limited
to users with the "$2" permission assigned.
See $1.',
'badarticleerror' => 'This action cannot be performed on this page.',
'badfilename' => 'File name has been changed to "$1".',
'badfiletype' => '".$1" is not a recommended image file format.',
'badipaddress' => 'Invalid IP address',
'badquery' => 'Badly formed search query',
'badquerytext' => 'We could not process your query.
This is probably because you have attempted to search for a
word fewer than three letters long, which is not yet supported.
It could also be that you have mistyped the expression, for
example "fish and and scales".
Please try another query.',
'badretype' => 'The passwords you entered do not match.',
'badsig' => 'Invalid raw signature; check HTML tags.',
'badtitle' => 'Bad title',
'badtitletext' => 'The requested page title was invalid, empty, or an incorrectly linked inter-language or inter-wiki title. It may contain one more characters which cannot be used in titles.',
'blanknamespace' => '(Main)',
'blockedtext' => 'Your user name or IP address has been blocked by $1.
The reason given is this:<br />\'\'$2\'\'<p>You may contact $1 or one of the other
[[Project:Administrators|administrators]] to discuss the block.

Note that you may not use the "e-mail this user" feature unless you have a valid e-mail address registered in your [[Special:Preferences|user preferences]].

Your IP address is $3. Please include this address in any queries you make.',
'blockedtitle' => 'User is blocked',
'blockip' => 'Block user',
'blockipsuccesssub' => 'Block succeeded',
'blockipsuccesstext' => '[[{{ns:Special}}:Contributions/$1|$1]] has been blocked.
<br />See [[{{ns:Special}}:Ipblocklist|IP block list]] to review blocks.',
'blockiptext' => 'Use the form below to block write access
from a specific IP address or username.
This should be done only only to prevent vandalism, and in
accordance with [[Project:Policy|policy]].
Fill in a specific reason below (for example, citing particular
pages that were vandalized).',
'blocklink' => 'block',
'blocklistline' => '$1, $2 blocked $3 ($4)',
'blocklogentry' => 'blocked "[[$1]]" with an expiry time of $2',
'blocklogpage' => 'Block_log',
'blocklogtext' => 'This is a log of user blocking and unblocking actions. Automatically
blocked IP addresses are not listed. See the [[Special:Ipblocklist|IP block list]] for
the list of currently operational bans and blocks.',
'bold_sample' => 'Bold text',
'bold_tip' => 'Bold text',
'booksources' => 'Book sources',
'booksourcetext' => 'Below is a list of links to other sites that
sell new and used books, and may also have further information
about books you are looking for.',
'brokenredirects' => 'Broken redirects',
'brokenredirectstext' => 'The following redirects link to non-existent pages:',
'bugreports' => 'Bug reports',
'bugreportspage' => 'Project:Bug_reports',
'bureaucratlog' => 'Bureaucrat_log',
'bureaucratlogentry' => 'Changed group membership for $1 from $2 to $3',
'bydate' => 'by date',
'byname' => 'by name',
'bysize' => 'by size',
'cachederror' => 'The following is a cached copy of the requested page, and may not be up to date.',
'cancel' => 'Cancel',
'cannotdelete' => 'Could not delete the page or file specified. (It may have already been deleted by someone else.)',
'cantrollback' => 'Cannot revert edit; last contributor is only author of this page.',
'categories' => 'Categories',
'categories1' => 'Category',
'categoriespagetext' => 'The following categories exist in the wiki.',
'category' => 'category',
'category_header' => 'Articles in category "$1"',
'categoryarticlecount' => 'There are $1 articles in this category.',
'categoryarticlecount1' => 'There is $1 article in this category.',
'catseparator' => '|',
'changed' => 'changed',
'changegrouplogentry' => 'Changed group $2',
'changepassword' => 'Change password',
'changes' => 'changes',
'clearyourcache' => '\'\'\'Note:\'\'\' After saving, you may have to bypass your browser\'s cache to see the changes. \'\'\'Mozilla / Firefox / Safari:\'\'\' hold down \'\'Shift\'\' while clicking \'\'Reload\'\', or press \'\'Ctrl-Shift-R\'\' (\'\'Cmd-Shift-R\'\' on Apple Mac); \'\'\'IE:\'\'\' hold \'\'Ctrl\'\' while clicking \'\'Refresh\'\', or press \'\'Ctrl-F5\'\'; \'\'\'Konqueror:\'\'\': simply click the \'\'Reload\'\' button, or press \'\'F5\'\'; \'\'\'Opera\'\'\' users may need to completely clear their cache in \'\'Tools&rarr;Preferences\'\'.',
'columns' => 'Columns:',
'compareselectedversions' => 'Compare selected versions',
'confirm' => 'Confirm',
'confirm_purge' => 'Clear the cache of this page?

'confirm_purge_button' => 'OK',
'confirmdelete' => 'Confirm delete',
'confirmdeletetext' => 'You are about to permanently delete a page
or image along with all of its history from the database.
Please confirm that you intend to do this, that you understand the
consequences, and that you are doing this in accordance with
'confirmedittext' => 'You must confirm your e-mail address before editing pages. Please set and validate your e-mail address through your [[Special:Preferences|user preferences]].',
'confirmedittitle' => 'E-mail confirmation required to edit',
'confirmemail' => 'Confirm E-mail address',
'confirmemail_body' => 'Someone, probably you from IP address $1, has registered an
account "$2" with this e-mail address on {{SITENAME}}.

To confirm that this account really does belong to you and activate
e-mail features on {{SITENAME}}, open this link in your browser:


If this is *not* you, don\'t follow the link. This confirmation code
will expire at $4.',
'confirmemail_error' => 'Something went wrong saving your confirmation.',
'confirmemail_invalid' => 'Invalid confirmation code. The code may have expired.',
'confirmemail_loggedin' => 'Your e-mail address has now been confirmed.',
'confirmemail_send' => 'Mail a confirmation code',
'confirmemail_sendfailed' => 'Could not send confirmation mail. Check address for invalid characters.',
'confirmemail_sent' => 'Confirmation e-mail sent.',
'confirmemail_subject' => '{{SITENAME}} e-mail address confirmation',
'confirmemail_success' => 'Your e-mail address has been confirmed. You may now log in and enjoy the wiki.',
'confirmemail_text' => 'This wiki requires that you validate your e-mail address
before using e-mail features. Activate the button below to send a confirmation
mail to your address. The mail will include a link containing a code; load the
link in your browser to confirm that your e-mail address is valid.',
'confirmprotect' => 'Confirm protection',
'confirmprotecttext' => 'Do you really want to protect this page?',
'confirmrecreate' => 'User [[User:$1|$1]] ([[User talk:$1|talk]]) deleted this article after you started editing with reason:
: \'\'$2\'\'
Please confirm that really want to recreate this article.',
'confirmunprotect' => 'Confirm unprotection',
'confirmunprotecttext' => 'Do you really want to unprotect this page?',
'contextchars' => 'Context per line:',
'contextlines' => 'Lines per hit:',
'contribs-showhideminor' => '$1 minor edits',
'contribslink' => 'contribs',
'contribsub' => 'For $1',
'contributions' => 'User contributions',
'copyright' => 'Content is available under $1.',
'copyrightpage' => 'Project:Copyrights',
'copyrightpagename' => '{{SITENAME}} copyright',
'copyrightwarning' => 'Please note that all contributions to {{SITENAME}} are considered to be released under the $2 (see $1 for details). If you don\'t want your writing to be edited mercilessly and redistributed at will, then don\'t submit it here.<br />
You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource.
'copyrightwarning2' => 'Please note that all contributions to {{SITENAME}} may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you don\'t want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then don\'t submit it here.<br />
You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a
public domain or similar free resource (see $1 for details).
'couldntremove' => 'Couldn\'t remove item \'$1\'...',
'createaccount' => 'Create account',
'createaccountmail' => 'by e-mail',
'createarticle' => 'Create article',
'created' => 'created',
'creditspage' => 'Page credits',
'cur' => 'cur',
'currentevents' => 'Current events',
'currentevents-url' => 'Current events',
'currentrev' => 'Current revision',
'currentrevisionlink' => 'view current revision',
'data' => 'Data',
'databaseerror' => 'Database error',
'datedefault' => 'No preference',
'dateformat' => 'Date format',
'datetime' => 'Date and time',
'dberrortext' => 'A database query syntax error has occurred.
This may indicate a bug in the software.
The last attempted database query was:
from within function "<tt>$2</tt>".
MySQL returned error "<tt>$3: $4</tt>".',
'dberrortextcl' => 'A database query syntax error has occurred.
The last attempted database query was:
from within function "$2".
MySQL returned error "$3: $4"',
'deadendpages' => 'Dead-end pages',
'debug' => 'Debug',
'dec' => 'Dec',
'december' => 'December',
'default' => 'default',
'defaultns' => 'Search in these namespaces by default:',
'defemailsubject' => '{{SITENAME}} e-mail',
'delete' => 'Delete',
'delete_and_move' => 'Delete and move',
'delete_and_move_confirm' => 'Yes, delete the page',
'delete_and_move_reason' => 'Deleted to make way for move',
'delete_and_move_text' => '==Deletion required==

The destination article "[[$1]]" already exists. Do you want to delete it to make way for the move?',
'deletecomment' => 'Reason for deletion',
'deletedarticle' => 'deleted "[[$1]]"',
'deletedrev' => '[deleted]',
'deletedrevision' => 'Deleted old revision $1.',
'deletedtext' => '"$1" has been deleted.
See $2 for a record of recent deletions.',
'deletedwhileediting' => 'Warning: This page has been deleted after you started editing!',
'deleteimg' => 'del',
'deleteimgcompletely' => 'Delete all revisions of this file',
'deletepage' => 'Delete page',
'deletesub' => '(Deleting "$1")',
'deletethispage' => 'Delete this page',
'deletionlog' => 'deletion log',
'dellogpage' => 'Deletion_log',
'dellogpagetext' => 'Below is a list of the most recent deletions.',
'destfilename' => 'Destination filename',
'developertext' => 'The action you have requested can only be
performed by users with "developer" capability.
See $1.',
'developertitle' => 'Developer access required',
'diff' => 'diff',
'difference' => '(Difference between revisions)',
'disambiguations' => 'Disambiguation pages',
'disambiguationspage' => 'Template:disambig',
'disambiguationstext' => 'The following pages link to a <i>disambiguation page</i>. They should link to the appropriate topic instead.<br />A page is treated as disambiguation if it is linked from $1.<br />Links from other namespaces are <i>not</i> listed here.',
'disclaimerpage' => 'Project:General_disclaimer',
'disclaimers' => 'Disclaimers',
'doubleredirects' => 'Double redirects',
'doubleredirectstext' => 'Each row contains links to the first and second redirect, as well as the first line of the second redirect text, usually giving the "real" target page, which the first redirect should point to.',
'download' => 'download',
'eauthentsent' => 'A confirmation e-mail has been sent to the nominated e-mail address.
Before any other mail is sent to the account, you will have to follow the instructions in the e-mail,
to confirm that the account is actually yours.',
'edit' => 'Edit',
'edit-externally' => 'Edit this file using an external application',
'edit-externally-help' => 'See the [ setup instructions] for more information.',
'editcomment' => 'The edit comment was: "<i>$1</i>".',
'editconflict' => 'Edit conflict: $1',
'editcurrent' => 'Edit the current version of this page',
'editgroup' => 'Edit Group',
'edithelp' => 'Editing help',
'edithelppage' => 'Help:Editing',
'editing' => 'Editing $1',
'editingcomment' => 'Editing $1 (comment)',
'editingold' => '<strong>WARNING: You are editing an out-of-date
revision of this page.
If you save it, any changes made since this revision will be lost.</strong>',
'editingsection' => 'Editing $1 (section)',
'editsection' => 'edit',
'editsectionhint' => 'Edit section: $1',
'editthispage' => 'Edit this page',
'edittools' => '<!-- Text here will be shown below edit and upload forms. -->',
'editusergroup' => 'Edit User Groups',
'email' => 'E-mail',
'emailauthenticated' => 'Your e-mail address was authenticated on $1.',
'emailconfirmlink' => 'Confirm your e-mail address',
'emailforlost' => '<div style="width:30em">* Optional. An e-mail lets others contact you on this site without revealing your address, and lets us send you a new password if you forget it.<br /><br />Your real name will be used to give you attribution for your work.</div>',
'emailfrom' => 'From',
'emailmessage' => 'Message',
'emailnotauthenticated' => 'Your e-mail address is <strong>not yet authenticated</strong>. No e-mail
will be sent for any of the following features.',
'emailpage' => 'E-mail user',
'emailpagetext' => 'If this user has entered a valid e-mail address in
his or her user preferences, the form below will send a single message.
The e-mail address you entered in your user preferences will appear
as the "From" address of the mail, so the recipient will be able
to reply.',
'emailsend' => 'Send',
'emailsent' => 'E-mail sent',
'emailsenttext' => 'Your e-mail message has been sent.',
'emailsubject' => 'Subject',
'emailto' => 'To',
'emailuser' => 'E-mail this user',
'emptyfile' => 'The file you uploaded seems to be empty. This might be due to a typo in the file name. Please check whether you really want to upload this file.',
'enotif_body' => 'Dear $WATCHINGUSERNAME,

the {{SITENAME}} page $PAGETITLE has been $CHANGEDORCREATED on $PAGEEDITDATE by $PAGEEDITOR, see $PAGETITLE_URL for the current version.



Contact the editor:

There will be no other notifications in case of further changes unless you visit this page. You could also reset the notification flags for all your watched pages on your watchlist.

             Your friendly {{SITENAME}} notification system

To change your watchlist settings, visit

Feedback and further assistance:
'enotif_lastvisited' => 'See $1 for all changes since your last visit.',
'enotif_mailer' => '{{SITENAME}} Notification Mailer',
'enotif_newpagetext' => 'This is a new page.',
'enotif_reset' => 'Mark all pages visited',
'enotif_subject' => '{{SITENAME}} page $PAGETITLE has been $CHANGEDORCREATED by $PAGEEDITOR',
'enterlockreason' => 'Enter a reason for the lock, including an estimate
of when the lock will be released',
'error' => 'Error',
'errorpagetitle' => 'Error',
'exbeforeblank' => 'content before blanking was: \'$1\'',
'exblank' => 'page was empty',
'excontent' => 'content was: \'$1\'',
'excontentauthor' => 'content was: \'$1\' (and the only contributor was \'$2\')',
'exif-aperturevalue' => 'Aperture',
'exif-artist' => 'Author',
'exif-bitspersample' => 'Bits per component',
'exif-brightnessvalue' => 'Brightness',
'exif-cfapattern' => 'CFA pattern',
'exif-colorspace' => 'Color space',
'exif-colorspace-1' => 'sRGB',
'exif-colorspace-ffff.h' => 'FFFF.H',
'exif-componentsconfiguration' => 'Meaning of each component',
'exif-componentsconfiguration-0' => 'does not exist',
'exif-componentsconfiguration-1' => 'Y',
'exif-componentsconfiguration-2' => 'Cb',
'exif-componentsconfiguration-3' => 'Cr',
'exif-componentsconfiguration-4' => 'R',
'exif-componentsconfiguration-5' => 'G',
'exif-componentsconfiguration-6' => 'B',
'exif-compressedbitsperpixel' => 'Image compression mode',
'exif-compression' => 'Compression scheme',
'exif-compression-1' => 'Uncompressed',
'exif-compression-6' => 'JPEG',
'exif-contrast' => 'Contrast',
'exif-contrast-0' => 'Normal',
'exif-contrast-1' => 'Soft',
'exif-contrast-2' => 'Hard',
'exif-copyright' => 'Copyright holder',
'exif-customrendered' => 'Custom image processing',
'exif-customrendered-0' => 'Normal process',
'exif-customrendered-1' => 'Custom process',
'exif-datetime' => 'File change date and time',
'exif-datetimedigitized' => 'Date and time of digitizing',
'exif-datetimeoriginal' => 'Date and time of data generation',
'exif-devicesettingdescription' => 'Device settings description',
'exif-digitalzoomratio' => 'Digital zoom ratio',
'exif-exifversion' => 'Exif version',
'exif-exposurebiasvalue' => 'Exposure bias',
'exif-exposureindex' => 'Exposure index',
'exif-exposuremode' => 'Exposure mode',
'exif-exposuremode-0' => 'Auto exposure',
'exif-exposuremode-1' => 'Manual exposure',
'exif-exposuremode-2' => 'Auto bracket',
'exif-exposureprogram' => 'Exposure Program',
'exif-exposureprogram-0' => 'Not defined',
'exif-exposureprogram-1' => 'Manual',
'exif-exposureprogram-2' => 'Normal program',
'exif-exposureprogram-3' => 'Aperture priority',
'exif-exposureprogram-4' => 'Shutter priority',
'exif-exposureprogram-5' => 'Creative program (biased toward depth of field)',
'exif-exposureprogram-6' => 'Action program (biased toward fast shutter speed)',
'exif-exposureprogram-7' => 'Portrait mode (for closeup photos with the background out of focus)',
'exif-exposureprogram-8' => 'Landscape mode (for landscape photos with the background in focus)',
'exif-exposuretime' => 'Exposure time',
'exif-exposuretime-format' => '$1 sec ($2)',
'exif-filesource' => 'File source',
'exif-filesource-3' => 'DSC',
'exif-flash' => 'Flash',
'exif-flashenergy' => 'Flash energy',
'exif-flashpixversion' => 'Supported Flashpix version',
'exif-fnumber' => 'F Number',
'exif-fnumber-format' => 'f/$1',
'exif-focallength' => 'Lens focal length',
'exif-focallength-format' => '$1 mm',
'exif-focallengthin35mmfilm' => 'Focal length in 35 mm film',
'exif-focalplaneresolutionunit' => 'Focal plane resolution unit',
'exif-focalplaneresolutionunit-2' => 'inches',
'exif-focalplanexresolution' => 'Focal plane X resolution',
'exif-focalplaneyresolution' => 'Focal plane Y resolution',
'exif-gaincontrol' => 'Scene control',
'exif-gaincontrol-0' => 'None',
'exif-gaincontrol-1' => 'Low gain up',
'exif-gaincontrol-2' => 'High gain up',
'exif-gaincontrol-3' => 'Low gain down',
'exif-gaincontrol-4' => 'High gain down',
'exif-gpsaltitude' => 'Altitude',
'exif-gpsaltituderef' => 'Altitude reference',
'exif-gpsareainformation' => 'Name of GPS area',
'exif-gpsdatestamp' => 'GPS date',
'exif-gpsdestbearing' => 'Bearing of destination',
'exif-gpsdestbearingref' => 'Reference for bearing of destination',
'exif-gpsdestdistance' => 'Distance to destination',
'exif-gpsdestdistanceref' => 'Reference for distance to destination',
'exif-gpsdestlatitude' => 'Latitude destination',
'exif-gpsdestlatituderef' => 'Reference for latitude of destination',
'exif-gpsdestlongitude' => 'Longitude of destination',
'exif-gpsdestlongituderef' => 'Reference for longitude of destination',
'exif-gpsdifferential' => 'GPS differential correction',
'exif-gpsdirection-m' => 'Magnetic direction',
'exif-gpsdirection-t' => 'True direction',
'exif-gpsdop' => 'Measurement precision',
'exif-gpsimgdirection' => 'Direction of image',
'exif-gpsimgdirectionref' => 'Reference for direction of image',
'exif-gpslatitude' => 'Latitude',
'exif-gpslatitude-n' => 'North latitude',
'exif-gpslatitude-s' => 'South latitude',
'exif-gpslatituderef' => 'North or South Latitude',
'exif-gpslongitude' => 'Longitude',
'exif-gpslongitude-e' => 'East longitude',
'exif-gpslongitude-w' => 'West longitude',
'exif-gpslongituderef' => 'East or West Longitude',
'exif-gpsmapdatum' => 'Geodetic survey data used',
'exif-gpsmeasuremode' => 'Measurement mode',
'exif-gpsmeasuremode-2' => '2-dimensional measurement',
'exif-gpsmeasuremode-3' => '3-dimensional measurement',
'exif-gpsprocessingmethod' => 'Name of GPS processing method',
'exif-gpssatellites' => 'Satellites used for measurement',
'exif-gpsspeed' => 'Speed of GPS receiver',
'exif-gpsspeed-k' => 'Kilometres per hour',
'exif-gpsspeed-m' => 'Miles per hour',
'exif-gpsspeed-n' => 'Knots',
'exif-gpsspeedref' => 'Speed unit',
'exif-gpsstatus' => 'Receiver status',
'exif-gpsstatus-a' => 'Measurement in progress',
'exif-gpsstatus-v' => 'Measurement interoperability',
'exif-gpstimestamp' => 'GPS time (atomic clock)',
'exif-gpstrack' => 'Direction of movement',
'exif-gpstrackref' => 'Reference for direction of movement',
'exif-gpsversionid' => 'GPS tag version',
'exif-imagedescription' => 'Image title',
'exif-imagelength' => 'Height',
'exif-imageuniqueid' => 'Unique image ID',
'exif-imagewidth' => 'Width',
'exif-isospeedratings' => 'ISO speed rating',
'exif-jpeginterchangeformat' => 'Offset to JPEG SOI',
'exif-jpeginterchangeformatlength' => 'Bytes of JPEG data',
'exif-lightsource' => 'Light source',
'exif-lightsource-0' => 'Unknown',
'exif-lightsource-1' => 'Daylight',
'exif-lightsource-10' => 'Cloudy weather',
'exif-lightsource-11' => 'Shade',
'exif-lightsource-12' => 'Daylight fluorescent (D 5700 – 7100K)',
'exif-lightsource-13' => 'Day white fluorescent (N 4600 – 5400K)',
'exif-lightsource-14' => 'Cool white fluorescent (W 3900 – 4500K)',
'exif-lightsource-15' => 'White fluorescent (WW 3200 – 3700K)',
'exif-lightsource-17' => 'Standard light A',
'exif-lightsource-18' => 'Standard light B',
'exif-lightsource-19' => 'Standard light C',
'exif-lightsource-2' => 'Fluorescent',
'exif-lightsource-20' => 'D55',
'exif-lightsource-21' => 'D65',
'exif-lightsource-22' => 'D75',
'exif-lightsource-23' => 'D50',
'exif-lightsource-24' => 'ISO studio tungsten',
'exif-lightsource-255' => 'Other light source',
'exif-lightsource-3' => 'Tungsten (incandescent light)',
'exif-lightsource-4' => 'Flash',
'exif-lightsource-9' => 'Fine weather',
'exif-make' => 'Camera manufacturer',
'exif-make-value' => '$1',
'exif-makernote' => 'Manufacturer notes',
'exif-maxaperturevalue' => 'Maximum land aperture',
'exif-meteringmode' => 'Metering mode',
'exif-meteringmode-0' => 'Unknown',
'exif-meteringmode-1' => 'Average',
'exif-meteringmode-2' => 'CenterWeightedAverage',
'exif-meteringmode-255' => 'Other',
'exif-meteringmode-3' => 'Spot',
'exif-meteringmode-4' => 'MultiSpot',
'exif-meteringmode-5' => 'Pattern',
'exif-meteringmode-6' => 'Partial',
'exif-model' => 'Camera model',
'exif-model-value' => '$1',
'exif-oecf' => 'Optoelectronic conversion factor',
'exif-orientation' => 'Orientation',
'exif-orientation-1' => 'Normal',
'exif-orientation-2' => 'Flipped horizontally',
'exif-orientation-3' => 'Rotated 180°',
'exif-orientation-4' => 'Flipped vertically',
'exif-orientation-5' => 'Rotated 90° CCW and flipped vertically',
'exif-orientation-6' => 'Rotated 90° CW',
'exif-orientation-7' => 'Rotated 90° CW and flipped vertically',
'exif-orientation-8' => 'Rotated 90° CCW',
'exif-photometricinterpretation' => 'Pixel composition',
'exif-photometricinterpretation-2' => 'RGB',
'exif-photometricinterpretation-6' => 'YCbCr',
'exif-pixelxdimension' => 'Valind image height',
'exif-pixelydimension' => 'Valid image width',
'exif-planarconfiguration' => 'Data arrangement',
'exif-planarconfiguration-1' => 'chunky format',
'exif-planarconfiguration-2' => 'planar format',
'exif-primarychromaticities' => 'Chromaticities of primarities',
'exif-referenceblackwhite' => 'Pair of black and white reference values',
'exif-relatedsoundfile' => 'Related audio file',
'exif-resolutionunit' => 'Unit of X and Y resolution',
'exif-rowsperstrip' => 'Number of rows per strip',
'exif-samplesperpixel' => 'Number of components',
'exif-saturation' => 'Saturation',
'exif-saturation-0' => 'Normal',
'exif-saturation-1' => 'Low saturation',
'exif-saturation-2' => 'High saturation',
'exif-scenecapturetype' => 'Scene capture type',
'exif-scenecapturetype-0' => 'Standard',
'exif-scenecapturetype-1' => 'Landscape',
'exif-scenecapturetype-2' => 'Portrait',
'exif-scenecapturetype-3' => 'Night scene',
'exif-scenetype' => 'Scene type',
'exif-scenetype-1' => 'A directly photographed image',
'exif-sensingmethod' => 'Sensing method',
'exif-sensingmethod-1' => 'Undefined',
'exif-sensingmethod-2' => 'One-chip color area sensor',
'exif-sensingmethod-3' => 'Two-chip color area sensor',
'exif-sensingmethod-4' => 'Three-chip color area sensor',
'exif-sensingmethod-5' => 'Color sequential area sensor',
'exif-sensingmethod-7' => 'Trilinear sensor',
'exif-sensingmethod-8' => 'Color sequential linear sensor',
'exif-sharpness' => 'Sharpness',
'exif-sharpness-0' => 'Normal',
'exif-sharpness-1' => 'Soft',
'exif-sharpness-2' => 'Hard',
'exif-shutterspeedvalue' => 'Shutter speed',
'exif-software' => 'Software used',
'exif-software-value' => '$1',
'exif-spatialfrequencyresponse' => 'Spatial frequency response',
'exif-spectralsensitivity' => 'Spectral sensitivity',
'exif-stripbytecounts' => 'Bytes per compressed strip',
'exif-stripoffsets' => 'Image data location',
'exif-subjectarea' => 'Subject area',
'exif-subjectdistance' => 'Subject distance',
'exif-subjectdistance-value' => '$1 metres',
'exif-subjectdistancerange' => 'Subject distance range',
'exif-subjectdistancerange-0' => 'Unknown',
'exif-subjectdistancerange-1' => 'Macro',
'exif-subjectdistancerange-2' => 'Close view',
'exif-subjectdistancerange-3' => 'Distant view',
'exif-subjectlocation' => 'Subject location',
'exif-subsectime' => 'DateTime subseconds',
'exif-subsectimedigitized' => 'DateTimeDigitized subseconds',
'exif-subsectimeoriginal' => 'DateTimeOriginal subseconds',
'exif-transferfunction' => 'Transfer function',
'exif-usercomment' => 'User comments',
'exif-whitebalance' => 'White Balance',
'exif-whitebalance-0' => 'Auto white balance',
'exif-whitebalance-1' => 'Manual white balance',
'exif-whitepoint' => 'White point chromaticity',
'exif-xresolution' => 'Horizontal resolution',
'exif-xyresolution-c' => '$1 dpc',
'exif-xyresolution-i' => '$1 dpi',
'exif-ycbcrcoefficients' => 'Color space transformation matrix coefficients',
'exif-ycbcrpositioning' => 'Y and C positioning',
'exif-ycbcrsubsampling' => 'Subsampling ratio of Y to C',
'exif-yresolution' => 'Vertical resolution',
'expiringblock' => 'expires $1',
'explainconflict' => 'Someone else has changed this page since you started editing it.
The upper text area contains the page text as it currently exists.
Your changes are shown in the lower text area.
You will have to merge your changes into the existing text.
<b>Only</b> the text in the upper text area will be saved when you
press "Save page".<br />',
'export' => 'Export pages',
'exportcuronly' => 'Include only the current revision, not the full history',
'exportnohistory' => '----
\'\'\'Note:\'\'\' exporting the full history of pages through this form has been disabled due to performance reasons.',
'exporttext' => 'You can export the text and editing history of a particular page or
set of pages wrapped in some XML. This can be imported into another wiki using MediaWiki
via the Special:Import page.

To export pages, enter the titles in the text box below, one title per line, and
select whether you want the current version as well as all old versions, with the page
history lines, or just the current version with the info about the last edit.

In the latter case you can also use a link, e.g. [[{{ns:Special}}:Export/{{Mediawiki:mainpage}}]] for the page {{Mediawiki:mainpage}}.',
'externaldberror' => 'There was either an external authentication database error or you are not allowed to update your external account.',
'extlink_sample' => ' link title',
'extlink_tip' => 'External link (remember http:// prefix)',
'faq' => 'FAQ',
'faqpage' => 'Project:FAQ',
'feb' => 'Feb',
'february' => 'February',
'feedlinks' => 'Feed:',
'filecopyerror' => 'Could not copy file "$1" to "$2".',
'filedeleteerror' => 'Could not delete file "$1".',
'filedesc' => 'Summary',
'fileexists' => 'A file with this name exists already, please check $1 if you are not sure if you want to change it.',
'fileexists-forbidden' => 'A file with this name exists already; please go back and upload this file under a new name. [[Image:$1|thumb|center|$1]]',
'fileexists-shared-forbidden' => 'A file with this name exists already in the shared file repository; please go back and upload this file under a new name. [[Image:$1|thumb|center|$1]]',
'fileinfo' => '$1KB, MIME type: <code>$2</code>',
'filemissing' => 'File missing',
'filename' => 'Filename',
'filenotfound' => 'Could not find file "$1".',
'filerenameerror' => 'Could not rename file "$1" to "$2".',
'files' => 'Files',
'filesource' => 'Source',
'filestatus' => 'Copyright status',
'fileuploaded' => 'File $1 uploaded successfully.
Please follow this link: $2 to the description page and fill
in information about the file, such as where it came from, when it was
created and by whom, and anything else you may know about it. If this is an image, you can insert it like this: <tt><nowiki>[[Image:$1|thumb|Description]]</nowiki></tt>',
'fileuploadsummary' => 'Summary:',
'formerror' => 'Error: could not submit form',
'friday' => 'Friday',
'getimagelist' => 'fetching file list',
'go' => 'Go',
'googlesearch' => '
<form method="get" action="" id="googlesearch">
    <input type="hidden" name="domains" value="{{SERVER}}" />
    <input type="hidden" name="num" value="50" />
    <input type="hidden" name="ie" value="$2" />
    <input type="hidden" name="oe" value="$2" />

    <input type="text" name="q" size="31" maxlength="255" value="$1" />
    <input type="submit" name="btnG" value="$3" />
    <input type="radio" name="sitesearch" id="gwiki" value="{{SERVER}}" checked="checked" /><label for="gwiki">{{SITENAME}}</label>
    <input type="radio" name="sitesearch" id="gWWW" value="" /><label for="gWWW">WWW</label>
'gotaccount' => 'Already got an account? $1.',
'gotaccountlink' => 'Log in',
'group-admin-desc' => 'Trusted users able to block users and delete articles',
'group-admin-name' => 'Administrator',
'group-anon-desc' => 'Anonymous users',
'group-anon-name' => 'Anonymous',
'group-bureaucrat-desc' => 'The bureaucrat group is able to make sysops',
'group-bureaucrat-name' => 'Bureaucrat',
'group-loggedin-desc' => 'General logged in users',
'group-loggedin-name' => 'User',
'group-steward-desc' => 'Full access',
'group-steward-name' => 'Steward',
'groups' => 'User groups',
'groups-addgroup' => 'Add group',
'groups-already-exists' => 'A group of that name already exists',
'groups-editgroup' => 'Edit group',
'groups-editgroup-description' => 'Group description (max 255 characters):<br />',
'groups-editgroup-name' => 'Group name:',
'groups-editgroup-preamble' => 'If the name or description starts with a colon, the
remainder will be treated as a message name, and hence the text will be localised
using the MediaWiki namespace',
'groups-existing' => 'Existing groups',
'groups-group-edit' => 'Existing groups:',
'groups-lookup-group' => 'Manage group rights',
'groups-noname' => 'Please specify a valid group name',
'groups-tableheader' => 'ID || Name || Description || Rights',
'guesstimezone' => 'Fill in from browser',
'headline_sample' => 'Headline text',
'headline_tip' => 'Level 2 headline',
'help' => 'Help',
'helppage' => 'Help:Contents',
'hide' => 'Hide',
'hideresults' => 'Hide results',
'hidetoc' => 'hide',
'hist' => 'hist',
'histfirst' => 'Earliest',
'histlast' => 'Latest',
'histlegend' => 'Diff selection: mark the radio boxes of the versions to compare and hit enter or the button at the bottom.<br />
Legend: (cur) = difference with current version,
(last) = difference with preceding version, M = minor edit.',
'history' => 'Page history',
'history_copyright' => '-',
'history_short' => 'History',
'historywarning' => 'Warning: The page you are about to delete has a history:',
'hr_tip' => 'Horizontal line (use sparingly)',
'ignorewarning' => 'Ignore warning and save file anyway.',
'ignorewarnings' => 'Ignore any warnings',
'illegalfilename' => 'The filename "$1" contains characters that are not allowed in page titles. Please rename the file and try uploading it again.',
'ilsubmit' => 'Search',
'image_sample' => 'Example.jpg',
'image_tip' => 'Embedded image',
'imagelinks' => 'Links',
'imagelist' => 'File list',
'imagelistall' => 'all',
'imagelistforuser' => 'This shows only images uploaded by $1.',
'imagelisttext' => 'Below is a list of $1 files sorted $2.',
'imagemaxsize' => 'Limit images on image description pages to:',
'imagepage' => 'View image page',
'imagereverted' => 'Revert to earlier version was successful.',
'imgdelete' => 'del',
'imgdesc' => 'desc',
'imghistlegend' => 'Legend: (cur) = this is the current file, (del) = delete
this old version, (rev) = revert to this old version.
<br /><i>Click on date to see the file uploaded on that date</i>.',
'imghistory' => 'File history',
'imglegend' => 'Legend: (desc) = show/edit file description.',
'immobile_namespace' => 'Destination title is of a special type; cannot move pages into that namespace.',
'import' => 'Import pages',
'import-invalid-interwiki' => 'Cannot import from the specified wiki.',
'import-token-mismatch' => 'Loss of session data. Please try again.',
'importfailed' => 'Import failed: $1',
'importhistoryconflict' => 'Conflicting history revision exists (may have imported this page before)',
'importing' => 'Importing $1',
'importinterwiki' => 'Transwiki import',
'importnofile' => 'No import file was uploaded.',
'importnosources' => 'No transwiki import sources have been defined and direct history uploads are disabled.',
'importnotext' => 'Empty or no text',
'importsuccess' => 'Import succeeded!',
'importtext' => 'Please export the file from the source wiki using the Special:Export utility, save it to your disk and upload it here.',
'importuploaderror' => 'Upload of import file failed; perhaps the file is bigger than the allowed upload size.',
'infiniteblock' => 'infinite',
'info_short' => 'Information',
'infosubtitle' => 'Information for page',
'internalerror' => 'Internal error',
'intl' => 'Interlanguage links',
'invalidemailaddress' => 'The e-mail address cannot be accepted as it appears to have an invalid
format. Please enter a well-formatted address or empty that field.',
'invert' => 'Invert selection',
'ip_range_invalid' => 'Invalid IP range.',
'ipaddress' => 'IP Address',
'ipadressorusername' => 'IP Address or username',
'ipb_expiry_invalid' => 'Expiry time invalid.',
'ipbexpiry' => 'Expiry',
'ipblocklist' => 'List of blocked IP addresses and usernames',
'ipblocklistempty' => 'The blocklist is empty.',
'ipboptions' => '2 hours:2 hours,1 day:1 day,3 days:3 days,1 week:1 week,2 weeks:2 weeks,1 month:1 month,3 months:3 months,6 months:6 months,1 year:1 year,infinite:infinite',
'ipbother' => 'Other time',
'ipbotheroption' => 'other',
'ipbreason' => 'Reason',
'ipbsubmit' => 'Block this user',
'ipusubmit' => 'Unblock this address',
'ipusuccess' => '"[[$1]]" unblocked',
'isbn' => 'ISBN',
'isredirect' => 'redirect page',
'istemplate' => 'inclusion',
'italic_sample' => 'Italic text',
'italic_tip' => 'Italic text',
'iteminvalidname' => 'Problem with item \'$1\', invalid name...',
'jan' => 'Jan',
'january' => 'January',
'jul' => 'Jul',
'july' => 'July',
'jumpto' => 'Jump to:',
'jumptonavigation' => 'navigation',
'jumptosearch' => 'search',
'jun' => 'Jun',
'june' => 'June',
'laggedslavemode' => 'Warning: Page may not contain recent updates.',
'largefile' => 'It is recommended that images not exceed $1 bytes in size, this file is $2 bytes',
'largefileserver' => 'This file is bigger than the server is configured to allow.',
'last' => 'last',
'lastmodified' => 'This page was last modified $1.',
'lastmodifiedby' => 'This page was last modified $1 by $2.',
'license' => 'Licensing',
'lineno' => 'Line $1:',
'link_sample' => 'Link title',
'link_tip' => 'Internal link',
'linklistsub' => '(List of links)',
'linkprefix' => '/^(.*?)([a-zA-Z\x80-\xff]+)$/sD',
'linkshere' => 'The following pages link to here:',
'linkstoimage' => 'The following pages link to this file:',
'linktrail' => '/^([a-z]+)(.*)$/sD',
'listform' => 'list',
'listingcontinuesabbrev' => ' cont.',
'listredirects' => 'List redirects',
'listusers' => 'User list',
'loadhist' => 'Loading page history',
'loadingrev' => 'loading revision for diff',
'localtime' => 'Local time',
'lockbtn' => 'Lock database',
'lockconfirm' => 'Yes, I really want to lock the database.',
'lockdb' => 'Lock database',
'lockdbsuccesssub' => 'Database lock succeeded',
'lockdbsuccesstext' => 'The database has been locked.
<br />Remember to remove the lock after your maintenance is complete.',
'lockdbtext' => 'Locking the database will suspend the ability of all
users to edit pages, change their preferences, edit their watchlists, and
other things requiring changes in the database.
Please confirm that this is what you intend to do, and that you will
unlock the database when your maintenance is done.',
'locknoconfirm' => 'You did not check the confirmation box.',
'log' => 'Logs',
'logempty' => 'No matching items in log.',
'login' => 'Log in',
'loginend' => '',
'loginerror' => 'Login error',
'loginpagetitle' => 'User login',
'loginproblem' => '<b>There has been a problem with your login.</b><br />Try again!',
'loginprompt' => 'You must have cookies enabled to log in to {{SITENAME}}.',
'loginreqlink' => 'log in',
'loginreqpagetext' => 'You must $1 to view other pages.',
'loginreqtitle' => 'Login Required',
'loginsuccess' => '\'\'\'You are now logged in to {{SITENAME}} as "$1".\'\'\'',
'loginsuccesstitle' => 'Login successful',
'logout' => 'Log out',
'logouttext' => '<strong>You are now logged out.</strong><br />
You can continue to use {{SITENAME}} anonymously, or you can log in
again as the same or as a different user. Note that some pages may
continue to be displayed as if you were still logged in, until you clear
your browser cache.',
'logouttitle' => 'User logout',
'lonelypages' => 'Orphaned pages',
'longpageerror' => '<strong>ERROR: The text you have submitted is $1 kilobytes 
long, which is longer than the maximum of $2 kilobytes. It cannot be saved.</strong>',
'longpages' => 'Long pages',
'longpagewarning' => '<strong>WARNING: This page is $1 kilobytes long; some
browsers may have problems editing pages approaching or longer than 32kb.
Please consider breaking the page into smaller sections.</strong>',
'mailerror' => 'Error sending mail: $1',
'mailmypassword' => 'E-mail password',
'mailnologin' => 'No send address',
'mailnologintext' => 'You must be [[Special:Userlogin|logged in]]
and have a valid e-mail address in your [[Special:Preferences|preferences]]
to send e-mail to other users.',
'mainpage' => 'Main Page',
'mainpagedocfooter' => 'Consult the [ User\'s Guide] for information on using the wiki software.

== Getting started ==

* [ Configuration settings list]
* [ MediaWiki FAQ]
* [ MediaWiki release mailing list]',
'mainpagetext' => '<big>\'\'\'MediaWiki has been successfully installed.\'\'\'</big>',
'makesysop' => 'Make a user into a sysop',
'makesysopfail' => '<b>User "$1" could not be made into a sysop. (Did you enter the name correctly?)</b>',
'makesysopname' => 'Name of the user:',
'makesysopok' => '<b>User "$1" is now a sysop</b>',
'makesysopsubmit' => 'Make this user into a sysop',
'makesysoptext' => 'This form is used by bureaucrats to turn ordinary users into administrators.
Type the name of the user in the box and press the button to make the user an administrator',
'makesysoptitle' => 'Make a user into a sysop',
'mar' => 'Mar',
'march' => 'March',
'markaspatrolleddiff' => 'Mark as patrolled',
'markaspatrolledlink' => '[$1]',
'markaspatrolledtext' => 'Mark this article as patrolled',
'markedaspatrolled' => 'Marked as patrolled',
'markedaspatrollederror' => 'Cannot mark as patrolled',
'markedaspatrollederrortext' => 'You need to specify a revision to mark as patrolled.',
'markedaspatrolledtext' => 'The selected revision has been marked as patrolled.',
'matchtotals' => 'The query "$1" matched $2 page titles
and the text of $3 pages.',
'math' => 'Math',
'math_bad_output' => 'Can\'t write to or create math output directory',
'math_bad_tmpdir' => 'Can\'t write to or create math temp directory',
'math_failure' => 'Failed to parse',
'math_image_error' => 'PNG conversion failed; check for correct installation of latex, dvips, gs, and convert',
'math_lexing_error' => 'lexing error',
'math_notexvc' => 'Missing texvc executable; please see math/README to configure.',
'math_sample' => 'Insert formula here',
'math_syntax_error' => 'syntax error',
'math_tip' => 'Mathematical formula (LaTeX)',
'math_unknown_error' => 'unknown error',
'math_unknown_function' => 'unknown function',
'may' => 'May',
'may_long' => 'May',
'media_sample' => 'Example.ogg',
'media_tip' => 'Media file link',
'mediawarning' => '\'\'\'Warning\'\'\': This file may contain malicious code, by executing it your system may be compromised.
'metadata' => 'Metadata',
'metadata-collapse' => 'Hide extended details',
'metadata-expand' => 'Show extended details',
'metadata-fields' => 'EXIF metadata fields listed in this message will
be included on image page display when the metadata table
is collapsed. Others will be hidden by default.
* make
* model
* datetimeoriginal
* exposuretime
* fnumber
* focallength',
'metadata-help' => 'This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified image.',
'metadata_page' => 'Wikipedia:Metadata',
'mimesearch' => 'MIME search',
'mimetype' => 'MIME type:',
'minlength' => 'File names must be at least three letters.',
'minoredit' => 'This is a minor edit',
'minoreditletter' => 'm',
'missingarticle' => 'The database did not find the text of a page that it should have found, named "$1".

This is usually caused by following an outdated diff or history link to a
page that has been deleted.

If this is not the case, you may have found a bug in the software.
Please report this to an administrator, making note of the URL.',
'missingcommenttext' => 'Please enter a comment below.',
'missingimage' => '<b>Missing image</b><br /><i>$1</i>',
'missingsummary' => '\'\'\'Reminder:\'\'\' You have not provided an edit summary. If you click Save again, your edit will be saved without one.',
'monday' => 'Monday',
'moredotdotdot' => 'More...',
'mostcategories' => 'Articles with the most categories',
'mostimages' => 'Most linked to images',
'mostlinked' => 'Most linked to pages',
'mostlinkedcategories' => 'Most linked to categories',
'mostrevisions' => 'Articles with the most revisions',
'move' => 'Move',
'movearticle' => 'Move page',
'movedto' => 'moved to',
'movelogpage' => 'Move log',
'movelogpagetext' => 'Below is a list of page moved.',
'movenologin' => 'Not logged in',
'movenologintext' => 'You must be a registered user and [[Special:Userlogin|logged in]]
to move a page.',
'movepage' => 'Move page',
'movepagebtn' => 'Move page',
'movepagetalktext' => 'The associated talk page, if any, will be automatically moved along with it \'\'\'unless:\'\'\'
*You are moving the page across namespaces,
*A non-empty talk page already exists under the new name, or
*You uncheck the box below.

In those cases, you will have to move or merge the page manually if desired.',
'movepagetext' => 'Using the form below will rename a page, moving all
of its history to the new name.
The old title will become a redirect page to the new title.
Links to the old page title will not be changed; be sure to
check for double or broken redirects.
You are responsible for making sure that links continue to
point where they are supposed to go.

Note that the page will \'\'\'not\'\'\' be moved if there is already
a page at the new title, unless it is empty or a redirect and has no
past edit history. This means that you can rename a page back to where
it was just renamed from if you make a mistake, and you cannot overwrite
an existing page.

This can be a drastic and unexpected change for a popular page;
please be sure you understand the consequences of this before
'movereason' => 'Reason',
'movetalk' => 'Move associated talk page',
'movethispage' => 'Move this page',
'mw_math_html' => 'HTML if possible or else PNG',
'mw_math_mathml' => 'MathML if possible (experimental)',
'mw_math_modern' => 'Recommended for modern browsers',
'mw_math_png' => 'Always render PNG',
'mw_math_simple' => 'HTML if very simple or else PNG',
'mw_math_source' => 'Leave it as TeX (for text browsers)',
'mycontris' => 'My contributions',
'mypage' => 'My page',
'mytalk' => 'My talk',
'namespace' => 'Namespace:',
'namespacesall' => 'all',
'navigation' => 'Navigation',
'nbytes' => '$1 bytes',
'ncategories' => '$1 categories',
'nchanges' => '$1 changes',
'newarticle' => '(New)',
'newarticletext' => 'You\'ve followed a link to a page that doesn\'t exist yet.
To create the page, start typing in the box below
(see the [[Project:Help|help page]] for more info).
If you are here by mistake, just click your browser\'s \'\'\'back\'\'\' button.',
'newarticletextanon' => '{{int:newarticletext}}',
'newbies' => 'newbies',
'newimages' => 'Gallery of new files',
'newmessagesdifflink' => 'diff to penultimate revision',
'newmessageslink' => 'new messages',
'newpage' => 'New page',
'newpageletter' => 'N',
'newpages' => 'New pages',
'newpassword' => 'New password:',
'newtalkseperator' => ',_',
'newtitle' => 'To new title',
'newusersonly' => ' (new users only)',
'newwindow' => '(opens in new window)',
'next' => 'next',
'nextdiff' => 'Next diff →',
'nextn' => 'next $1',
'nextpage' => 'Next page ($1)',
'nextrevision' => 'Newer revision→',
'nlinks' => '$1 links',
'noarticletext' => 'There is currently no text in this page, you can [[{{ns:special}}:Search/{{PAGENAME}}|search for this page title]] in other pages or [{{fullurl:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}|action=edit}} edit this page].',
'noarticletextanon' => '{{int:noarticletext}}',
'noconnect' => 'Sorry! The wiki is experiencing some technical difficulties, and cannot contact the database server. <br />
'nocontribs' => 'No changes were found matching these criteria.',
'nocookieslogin' => '{{SITENAME}} uses cookies to log in users. You have cookies disabled. Please enable them and try again.',
'nocookiesnew' => 'The user account was created, but you are not logged in. {{SITENAME}} uses cookies to log in users. You have cookies disabled. Please enable them, then log in with your new username and password.',
'nocreatetext' => 'This site has restricted the ability to create new pages.
You can go back and edit an existing page, or [[Special:Userlogin|log in or create an account]].',
'nocreatetitle' => 'Page creation limited',
'nocreativecommons' => 'Creative Commons RDF metadata disabled for this server.',
'nocredits' => 'There is no credits info available for this page.',
'nodb' => 'Could not select database $1',
'nodublincore' => 'Dublin Core RDF metadata disabled for this server.',
'noemail' => 'There is no e-mail address recorded for user "$1".',
'noemailprefs' => '<strong>Specify an e-mail address for these features to work.</strong>',
'noemailtext' => 'This user has not specified a valid e-mail address,
or has chosen not to receive e-mail from other users.',
'noemailtitle' => 'No e-mail address',
'nogomatch' => '\'\'\'There is no page titled "$1".\'\'\' You can [[$1|create this page]].',
'nohistory' => 'There is no edit history for this page.',
'noimage' => 'No file by this name exists, you can $1.',
'noimage-linktext' => 'upload it',
'noimages' => 'Nothing to see.',
'nolicense' => 'None selected',
'nolinkshere' => 'No pages link to here.',
'nolinkstoimage' => 'There are no pages that link to this file.',
'nologin' => 'Don\'t have a login? $1.',
'nologinlink' => 'Create an account',
'noname' => 'You have not specified a valid user name.',
'nonefound' => '\'\'\'Note\'\'\': unsuccessful searches are
often caused by searching for common words like "have" and "from",
which are not indexed, or by specifying more than one search term (only pages
containing all of the search terms will appear in the result).',
'nonunicodebrowser' => '<strong>WARNING: Your browser is not unicode compliant. A workaround is in place to allow you to safely edit articles: non-ASCII characters will appear in the edit box as hexadecimal codes.</strong>',
'nospecialpagetext' => 'You have requested an invalid special page, a list of valid special pages may be found at [[{{ns:special}}:Specialpages]].',
'nosuchaction' => 'No such action',
'nosuchactiontext' => 'The action specified by the URL is not
recognized by the wiki',
'nosuchspecialpage' => 'No such special page',
'nosuchuser' => 'There is no user by the name "$1". Check your spelling, or create a new account.',
'nosuchusershort' => 'There is no user by the name "$1". Check your spelling.',
'notacceptable' => 'The wiki server can\'t provide data in a format your client can read.',
'notanarticle' => 'Not a content page',
'notargettext' => 'You have not specified a target page or user
to perform this function on.',
'notargettitle' => 'No target',
'note' => '<strong>Note:</strong>',
'notextmatches' => 'No page text matches',
'notitlematches' => 'No page title matches',
'notloggedin' => 'Not logged in',
'nouserspecified' => 'You have to specify a username.',
'nov' => 'Nov',
'november' => 'November',
'nowatchlist' => 'You have no items on your watchlist.',
'nowiki_sample' => 'Insert non-formatted text here',
'nowiki_tip' => 'Ignore wiki formatting',
'nrevisions' => '$1 revisions',
'nstab-category' => 'Category',
'nstab-help' => 'Help',
'nstab-image' => 'File',
'nstab-main' => 'Article',
'nstab-media' => 'Media page',
'nstab-mediawiki' => 'Message',
'nstab-special' => 'Special',
'nstab-template' => 'Template',
'nstab-user' => 'User page',
'nstab-wp' => 'Project page',
'numauthors' => 'Number of distinct authors (article): $1',
'number_of_watching_users_RCview' => '[$1]',
'number_of_watching_users_pageview' => '[$1 watching user/s]',
'numedits' => 'Number of edits (article): $1',
'numtalkauthors' => 'Number of distinct authors (discussion page): $1',
'numtalkedits' => 'Number of edits (discussion page): $1',
'numwatchers' => 'Number of watchers: $1',
'nviews' => '$1 views',
'oct' => 'Oct',
'october' => 'October',
'ok' => 'OK',
'oldpassword' => 'Old password:',
'orig' => 'orig',
'orphans' => 'Orphaned pages',
'othercontribs' => 'Based on work by $1.',
'otherlanguages' => 'In other languages',
'others' => 'others',
'pagemovedsub' => 'Move succeeded',
'pagemovedtext' => 'Page "[[$1]]" moved to "[[$2]]".',
'pagetitle' => '$1 - {{SITENAME}}',
'passwordremindertext' => 'Someone (probably you, from IP address $1)
requested that we send you a new {{SITENAME}} login password for {{SERVERNAME}}.
The password for user "$2" is now "$3".
You should log in and change your password now.

If someone else made this request or if you have remembered your password and
you no longer wish to change it, you may ignore this message and continue using
your old password.',
'passwordremindertitle' => 'Password reminder from {{SITENAME}}',
'passwordsent' => 'A new password has been sent to the e-mail address
registered for "$1".
Please log in again after you receive it.',
'passwordtooshort' => 'Your password is too short. It must have at least $1 characters.',
'perfcached' => 'The following data is cached and may not be completely up to date:',
'perfdisabled' => 'Sorry! This feature has been temporarily disabled because it slows the database down to the point that no one can use the wiki.',
'perfdisabledsub' => 'Here is a saved copy from $1:',
'permalink' => 'Permanent link',
'personaltools' => 'Personal tools',
'popularpages' => 'Popular pages',
'portal' => 'Community portal',
'portal-url' => 'Project:Community Portal',
'postcomment' => 'Post a comment',
'poweredby' => '{{SITENAME}} is powered by [ MediaWiki], an open source wiki engine.',
'powersearch' => 'Search',
'powersearchtext' => '
Search in namespaces :<br />
$1<br />
$2 List redirects &nbsp; Search for $3 $9',
'preferences' => 'Preferences',
'prefixindex' => 'Prefix index',
'prefs-help-email' => '* E-mail (optional): Enables others to contact you through your user or user_talk page without the need of revealing your identity.',
'prefs-help-email-enotif' => 'This address is also used to send you e-mail notifications if you enabled the options.',
'prefs-help-realname' => '* Real name (optional): if you choose to provide it this will be used for giving you attribution for your work.',
'prefs-misc' => 'Misc',
'prefs-personal' => 'User profile',
'prefs-rc' => 'Recent changes',
'prefsnologin' => 'Not logged in',
'prefsnologintext' => 'You must be [[Special:Userlogin|logged in]] to set user preferences.',
'prefsreset' => 'Preferences have been reset from storage.',
'preview' => 'Preview',
'previewconflict' => 'This preview reflects the text in the upper
text editing area as it will appear if you choose to save.',
'previewnote' => '<strong>This is only a preview; changes have not yet been saved!</strong>',
'previousdiff' => '← Previous diff',
'previousrevision' => '←Older revision',
'prevn' => 'previous $1',
'print' => 'Print',
'printableversion' => 'Printable version',
'printsubtitle' => '(From {{SERVER}})',
'privacy' => 'Privacy policy',
'privacypage' => 'Project:Privacy_policy',
'protect' => 'Protect',
'protect-default' => '(default)',
'protect-level-autoconfirmed' => 'Block unregistered users',
'protect-level-sysop' => 'Sysops only',
'protect-text' => 'You may view and change the protection level here for the page <strong>$1</strong>.
Please be sure you are following the [[Project:Protected page|project guidelines]].',
'protect-unchain' => 'Unlock move permissions',
'protect-viewtext' => 'Your account does not have permission to change
page protection levels. Here are the current settings for the page <strong>$1</strong>:',
'protectcomment' => 'Reason for protecting',
'protectedarticle' => 'protected "[[$1]]"',
'protectedpage' => 'Protected page',
'protectedpagewarning' => '<strong>WARNING:  This page has been locked so that only users with sysop privileges can edit it. Be sure you are following the [[Project:Protected_page_guidelines|protected page guidelines]].</strong>',
'protectedtext' => 'This page has been locked to prevent editing; there are
a number of reasons why this may be so, please see
[[Project:Protected page]].

You can view and copy the source of this page:',
'protectlogpage' => 'Protection_log',
'protectlogtext' => 'Below is a list of page locks/unlocks.
See [[Project:Protected page]] for more information.',
'protectmoveonly' => 'Protect from moves only',
'protectpage' => 'Protect page',
'protectsub' => '(Protecting "$1")',
'protectthispage' => 'Protect this page',
'proxyblocker' => 'Proxy blocker',
'proxyblockreason' => 'Your IP address has been blocked because it is an open proxy. Please contact your Internet service provider or tech support and inform them of this serious security problem.',
'proxyblocksuccess' => 'Done.',
'pubmedurl' => '$1',
'qbbrowse' => 'Browse',
'qbedit' => 'Edit',
'qbfind' => 'Find',
'qbmyoptions' => 'My pages',
'qbpageinfo' => 'Context',
'qbpageoptions' => 'This page',
'qbsettings' => 'Quickbar',
'qbspecialpages' => 'Special pages',
'randompage' => 'Random page',
'randompage-url' => 'Special:Random',
'range_block_disabled' => 'The sysop ability to create range blocks is disabled.',
'rc_categories' => 'Limit to categories (separate with "|")',
'rc_categories_any' => 'Any',
'rchide' => 'in $4 form; $1 minor edits; $2 secondary namespaces; $3 multiple edits.',
'rclinks' => 'Show last $1 changes in last $2 days<br />$3',
'rclistfrom' => 'Show new changes starting from $1',
'rcliu' => '; $1 edits from logged in users',
'rcloaderr' => 'Loading recent changes',
'rclsub' => '(to pages linked from "$1")',
'rcnote' => 'Below are the last <strong>$1</strong> changes in last <strong>$2</strong> days.',
'rcnotefrom' => 'Below are the changes since <b>$2</b> (up to <b>$1</b> shown).',
'rcpatroldisabled' => 'Recent Changes Patrol disabled',
'rcpatroldisabledtext' => 'The Recent Changes Patrol feature is currently disabled.',
'rcshowhideanons' => '$1 anonymous users',
'rcshowhidebots' => '$1 bots',
'rcshowhideliu' => '$1 logged-in users',
'rcshowhidemine' => '$1 my edits',
'rcshowhideminor' => '$1 minor edits',
'rcshowhidepatr' => '$1 patrolled edits',
'readonly' => 'Database locked',
'readonly_lag' => 'The database has been automatically locked while the slave database servers catch up to the master',
'readonlytext' => 'The database is currently locked to new entries and other modifications, probably for routine database maintenance, after which it will be back to normal.

The administrator who locked it offered this explanation: $1',
'readonlywarning' => '<strong>WARNING: The database has been locked for maintenance,
so you will not be able to save your edits right now. You may wish to cut-n-paste
the text into a text file and save it for later.</strong>',
'recentchanges' => 'Recent changes',
'recentchanges-url' => 'Special:Recentchanges',
'recentchangesall' => 'all',
'recentchangescount' => 'Titles in recent changes:',
'recentchangeslinked' => 'Related changes',
'recentchangestext' => 'Track the most recent changes to the wiki on this page.',
'recreate' => 'Recreate',
'redirectedfrom' => '(Redirected from $1)',
'redirectingto' => 'Redirecting to [[$1]]...',
'redirectpagesub' => 'Redirect page',
'remembermypassword' => 'Remember me',
'removechecked' => 'Remove checked items from watchlist',
'removedwatch' => 'Removed from watchlist',
'removedwatchtext' => 'The page "[[:$1]]" has been removed from your watchlist.',
'removingchecked' => 'Removing requested items from watchlist...',
'renamegrouplogentry' => 'Renamed group $2 to $3',
'resetprefs' => 'Reset',
'restorelink' => '$1 deleted edits',
'restorelink1' => 'one deleted edit',
'restrictedpheading' => 'Restricted special pages',
'restriction-edit' => 'Edit',
'restriction-move' => 'Move',
'resultsperpage' => 'Hits per page:',
'retrievedfrom' => 'Retrieved from "$1"',
'returnto' => 'Return to $1.',
'retypenew' => 'Retype new password:',
'reupload' => 'Re-upload',
'reuploaddesc' => 'Return to the upload form.',
'rev-deleted-comment' => '(comment removed)',
'rev-deleted-text-permission' => '<div class="mw-warning plainlinks">
This page revision has been removed from the public archives.
There may be details in the [{{fullurl:Special:Log/delete|page={{PAGENAMEE}}}} deletion log].
'rev-deleted-text-view' => '<div class="mw-warning plainlinks">
This page revision has been removed from the public archives.
As an administrator on this site you can view it;
there may be details in the [{{fullurl:Special:Log/delete|page={{PAGENAMEE}}}} deletion log].
'rev-deleted-user' => '(username removed)',
'rev-delundel' => 'show/hide',
'revdelete-hide-comment' => 'Hide edit comment',
'revdelete-hide-restricted' => 'Apply these restrictions to sysops as well as others',
'revdelete-hide-text' => 'Hide revision text',
'revdelete-hide-user' => 'Hide editor\'s username/IP',
'revdelete-legend' => 'Set revision restrictions:',
'revdelete-log' => 'Log comment:',
'revdelete-logentry' => 'changed revision visibility for [[$1]]',
'revdelete-selected' => 'Selected revision of [[:$1]]:',
'revdelete-submit' => 'Apply to selected revision',
'revdelete-text' => 'Deleted revisions will still appear in the page history,
but their text contents will be inaccessible to the public.

Other admins on this wiki will still be able to access the hidden content and can
undelete it again through this same interface, unless an additional restriction
is placed by the site operators.',
'reverted' => 'Reverted to earlier revision',
'revertimg' => 'rev',
'revertmove' => 'revert',
'revertpage' => 'Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/$2|$2]] ([[User_talk:$2|Talk]]); changed back to last version by [[User:$1|$1]]',
'revhistory' => 'Revision history',
'revisionasof' => 'Revision as of $1',
'revisionasofwithlink' => 'Revision as of $1; $2<br />$3 | $4',
'revisiondelete' => 'Delete/undelete revisions',
'revnotfound' => 'Revision not found',
'revnotfoundtext' => 'The old revision of the page you asked for could not be found.
Please check the URL you used to access this page.',
'rfcurl' => '$1.txt',
'rights' => 'Rights:',
'rightslogtext' => 'This is a log of changes to user rights.',
'rollback' => 'Roll back edits',
'rollback_short' => 'Rollback',
'rollbackfailed' => 'Rollback failed',
'rollbacklink' => 'rollback',
'rows' => 'Rows:',
'saturday' => 'Saturday',
'savearticle' => 'Save page',
'savedprefs' => 'Your preferences have been saved.',
'savefile' => 'Save file',
'savegroup' => 'Save Group',
'saveprefs' => 'Save',
'saveusergroups' => 'Save User Groups',
'scarytranscludedisabled' => '[Interwiki transcluding is disabled]',
'scarytranscludefailed' => '[Template fetch failed for $1; sorry]',
'scarytranscludetoolong' => '[URL is too long; sorry]',
'search' => 'Search',
'searchcontaining' => 'Search for articles containing \'\'$1\'\'.',
'searchdisabled' => '{{SITENAME}} search is disabled. You can search via Google in the meantime. Note that their indexes of {{SITENAME}} content may be out of date.',
'searchfulltext' => 'Search full text',
'searchnamed' => 'Search for articles named \'\'$1\'\'.',
'searchquery' => 'For query "$1"',
'searchresults' => 'Search results',
'searchresultshead' => 'Search',
'searchresulttext' => 'For more information about searching {{SITENAME}}, see [[Project:Searching|Searching {{SITENAME}}]].',
'sectionlink' => '→',
'selectnewerversionfordiff' => 'Select a newer version for comparison',
'selectolderversionfordiff' => 'Select an older version for comparison',
'selfmove' => 'Source and destination titles are the same; can\'t move a page over itself.',
'semiprotectedpagewarning' => '\'\'\'Note:\'\'\' This page has been locked so that only registered users can edit it.',
'sep' => 'Sep',
'september' => 'September',
'servertime' => 'Server time',
'session_fail_preview' => '<strong>Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data.
Please try again. If it still doesn\'t work, try logging out and logging back in.</strong>',
'session_fail_preview_html' => '<strong>Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data.</strong>

\'\'Because this wiki has raw HTML enabled, the preview is hidden as a precaution against JavaScript attacks.\'\'

<strong>If this is a legitimate edit attempt, please try again. If it still doesn\'t work, try logging out and logging back in.</strong>',
'sessionfailure' => 'There seems to be a problem with your login session;
this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking.
Please hit "back" and reload the page you came from, then try again.',
'set_rights_fail' => '<b>User rights for "$1" could not be set. (Did you enter the name correctly?)</b>',
'set_user_rights' => 'Set user rights',
'setbureaucratflag' => 'Set bureaucrat flag',
'setstewardflag' => 'Set steward flag',
'shareddescriptionfollows' => '-',
'sharedupload' => 'This file is a shared upload and may be used by other projects.',
'shareduploadwiki' => 'Please see the $1 for further information.',
'shareduploadwiki-linktext' => 'file description page',
'shortpages' => 'Short pages',
'show' => 'Show',
'showbigimage' => 'Download high resolution version ($1x$2, $3 KB)',
'showdiff' => 'Show changes',
'showhidebots' => '($1 bots)',
'showingresults' => 'Showing below up to <b>$1</b> results starting with #<b>$2</b>.',
'showingresultsnum' => 'Showing below <b>$3</b> results starting with #<b>$2</b>.',
'showlast' => 'Show last $1 files sorted $2.',
'showlivepreview' => 'Live preview',
'showpreview' => 'Show preview',
'showtoc' => 'show',
'sidebar' => '* navigation
** mainpage|mainpage
** recentchanges-url|recentchanges
** randompage-url|randompage
** helppage|help
** scorec-url|scorec',
'sig_tip' => 'Your signature with timestamp',
'signupend' => '{{int:loginend}}',
'sitenotice' => '-',
'sitestats' => '{{SITENAME}} statistics',
'sitestatstext' => 'There are \'\'\'$1\'\'\' total pages in the database.
This includes "talk" pages, pages about {{SITENAME}}, minimal "stub"
pages, redirects, and others that probably don\'t qualify as content pages.
Excluding those, there are \'\'\'$2\'\'\' pages that are probably legitimate
content pages. 

\'\'\'$8\'\'\' files have been uploaded.

There have been a total of \'\'\'$3\'\'\' page views, and \'\'\'$4\'\'\' page edits
since the wiki was setup.
That comes to \'\'\'$5\'\'\' average edits per page, and \'\'\'$6\'\'\' views per edit.

The [ job queue] length is \'\'\'$7\'\'\'.',
'sitesubtitle' => '',
'sitesupport' => 'Donations',
'sitesupport-url' => 'Project:Site support',
'sitetitle' => '{{SITENAME}}',
'siteuser' => '{{SITENAME}} user $1',
'siteusers' => '{{SITENAME}} user(s) $1',
'skin' => 'Skin',
'skinpreview' => '(Preview)',
'sorbs' => 'SORBS DNSBL',
'sorbs_create_account_reason' => 'Your IP address is listed as an open proxy in the [ SORBS] DNSBL. You cannot create an account',
'sorbsreason' => 'Your IP address is listed as an open proxy in the [ SORBS] DNSBL.',
'sourcefilename' => 'Source filename',
'spam_blanking' => 'All revisions contained links to $1, blanking',
'spam_reverting' => 'Reverting to last version not containing links to $1',
'spambot_username' => 'MediaWiki spam cleanup',
'spamprotectionmatch' => 'The following text is what triggered our spam filter: $1',
'spamprotectiontext' => 'The page you wanted to save was blocked by the spam filter. This is probably caused by a link to an external site.',
'spamprotectiontitle' => 'Spam protection filter',
'speciallogtitlelabel' => 'Title:',
'specialloguserlabel' => 'User:',
'specialpage' => 'Special Page',
'specialpages' => 'Special pages',
'spheading' => 'Special pages for all users',
'sqlhidden' => '(SQL query hidden)',
'statistics' => 'Statistics',
'storedversion' => 'Stored version',
'stubthreshold' => 'Threshold for stub display:',
'subcategories' => 'Subcategories',
'subcategorycount' => 'There are $1 subcategories to this category.',
'subcategorycount1' => 'There is $1 subcategory to this category.',
'subject' => 'Subject/headline',
'subjectpage' => 'View subject',
'successfulupload' => 'Successful upload',
'summary' => 'Summary',
'sunday' => 'Sunday',
'sysoptext' => 'The action you have requested can only be
performed by users with "sysop" capability.
See $1.',
'sysoptitle' => 'Sysop access required',
'tableform' => 'table',
'tagline' => 'From {{SITENAME}}',
'talk' => 'Discussion',
'talkexists' => '\'\'\'The page itself was moved successfully, but the talk page could not be moved because one already exists at the new title. Please merge them manually.\'\'\'',
'talkpage' => 'Discuss this page',
'talkpagemoved' => 'The corresponding talk page was also moved.',
'talkpagenotmoved' => 'The corresponding talk page was <strong>not</strong> moved.',
'talkpagetext' => '<!-- MediaWiki:talkpagetext -->',
'templatesused' => 'Templates used on this page:',
'textboxsize' => 'Editing',
'textmatches' => 'Page text matches',
'thisisdeleted' => 'View or restore $1?',
'thumbnail-more' => 'Enlarge',
'thumbnail_error' => 'Error creating thumbnail: $1',
'thumbsize' => 'Thumbnail size:',
'thursday' => 'Thursday',
'timezonelegend' => 'Time zone',
'timezoneoffset' => 'Offset¹',
'timezonetext' => 'The number of hours your local time differs from server time (UTC).',
'titlematches' => 'Article title matches',
'toc' => 'Contents',
'tog-autopatrol' => 'Mark edits I make as patrolled',
'tog-editondblclick' => 'Edit pages on double click (JavaScript)',
'tog-editsection' => 'Enable section editing via [edit] links',
'tog-editsectiononrightclick' => 'Enable section editing by right clicking<br /> on section titles (JavaScript)',
'tog-editwidth' => 'Edit box has full width',
'tog-enotifminoredits' => 'E-mail me also for minor edits of pages',
'tog-enotifrevealaddr' => 'Reveal my e-mail address in notification mails',
'tog-enotifusertalkpages' => 'E-mail me when my user talk page is changed',
'tog-enotifwatchlistpages' => 'E-mail me on page changes',
'tog-externaldiff' => 'Use external diff by default',
'tog-externaleditor' => 'Use external editor by default',
'tog-fancysig' => 'Raw signatures (without automatic link)',
'tog-forceeditsummary' => 'Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary',
'tog-hideminor' => 'Hide minor edits in recent changes',
'tog-highlightbroken' => 'Format broken links <a href="" class="new">like this</a> (alternative: like this<a href="" class="internal">?</a>).',
'tog-justify' => 'Justify paragraphs',
'tog-minordefault' => 'Mark all edits minor by default',
'tog-nocache' => 'Disable page caching',
'tog-numberheadings' => 'Auto-number headings',
'tog-previewonfirst' => 'Show preview on first edit',
'tog-previewontop' => 'Show preview before edit box',
'tog-rememberpassword' => 'Remember across sessions',
'tog-showjumplinks' => 'Enable "jump to" accessibility links',
'tog-shownumberswatching' => 'Show the number of watching users',
'tog-showtoc' => 'Show table of contents (for pages with more than 3 headings)',
'tog-showtoolbar' => 'Show edit toolbar (JavaScript)',
'tog-underline' => 'Underline links:',
'tog-uselivepreview' => 'Use live preview (JavaScript) (Experimental)',
'tog-usenewrc' => 'Enhanced recent changes (JavaScript)',
'tog-watchcreations' => 'Add pages I create to my watchlist',
'tog-watchdefault' => 'Add pages I edit to my watchlist',
'toolbox' => 'Toolbox',
'tooltip-compareselectedversions' => 'See the differences between the two selected versions of this page. [alt-v]',
'tooltip-diff' => 'Show which changes you made to the text. [alt-d]',
'tooltip-minoredit' => 'Mark this as a minor edit [alt-i]',
'tooltip-preview' => 'Preview your changes, please use this before saving! [alt-p]',
'tooltip-recreate' => '',
'tooltip-save' => 'Save your changes [alt-s]',
'tooltip-search' => 'Search {{SITENAME}} [alt-f]',
'tooltip-watch' => 'Add this page to your watchlist [alt-w]',
'trackback' => '; $4$5 : [$2 $1]',
'trackbackbox' => '<div id="mw_trackbacks">
Trackbacks for this article:<br />
'trackbackdeleteok' => 'The trackback was successfully deleted.',
'trackbackexcerpt' => '; $4$5 : [$2 $1]: <nowiki>$3</nowiki>',
'trackbacklink' => 'Trackback',
'trackbackremove' => ' ([$1 Delete])',
'tryexact' => 'Try exact match',
'tuesday' => 'Tuesday',
'uclinks' => 'View the last $1 changes; view the last $2 days.',
'ucnote' => 'Below are this user\'s last <b>$1</b> changes in the last <b>$2</b> days.',
'uctop' => ' (top)',
'uid' => 'User ID:',
'unblockip' => 'Unblock user',
'unblockiptext' => 'Use the form below to restore write access
to a previously blocked IP address or username.',
'unblocklink' => 'unblock',
'unblocklogentry' => 'unblocked $1',
'uncategorizedcategories' => 'Uncategorized categories',
'uncategorizedpages' => 'Uncategorized pages',
'undelete' => 'View deleted pages',
'undelete_short' => 'Undelete $1 edits',
'undelete_short1' => 'Undelete one edit',
'undeletearticle' => 'Restore deleted page',
'undeletebtn' => 'Restore!',
'undeletedarticle' => 'restored "[[$1]]"',
'undeletedrevisions' => '$1 revisions restored',
'undeletedtext' => '[[:$1|$1]] has been successfully restored.
See [[Special:Log/delete]] for a record of recent deletions and restorations.',
'undeletehistory' => 'If you restore the page, all revisions will be restored to the history.
If a new page with the same name has been created since the deletion, the restored
revisions will appear in the prior history, and the current revision of the live page
will not be automatically replaced.',
'undeletehistorynoadmin' => 'This article has been deleted. The reason for deletion is
shown in the summary below, along with details of the users who had edited this page
before deletion. The actual text of these deleted revisions is only available to administrators.',
'undeletepage' => 'View and restore deleted pages',
'undeletepagetext' => 'The following pages have been deleted but are still in the archive and
can be restored. The archive may be periodically cleaned out.',
'undeleterevision' => 'Deleted revision as of $1',
'undeleterevisions' => '$1 revisions archived',
'underline-always' => 'Always',
'underline-default' => 'Browser default',
'underline-never' => 'Never',
'unexpected' => 'Unexpected value: "$1"="$2".',
'unit-pixel' => 'px',
'unlockbtn' => 'Unlock database',
'unlockconfirm' => 'Yes, I really want to unlock the database.',
'unlockdb' => 'Unlock database',
'unlockdbsuccesssub' => 'Database lock removed',
'unlockdbsuccesstext' => 'The database has been unlocked.',
'unlockdbtext' => 'Unlocking the database will restore the ability of all
users to edit pages, change their preferences, edit their watchlists, and
other things requiring changes in the database.
Please confirm that this is what you intend to do.',
'unprotect' => 'unprotect',
'unprotectcomment' => 'Reason for unprotecting',
'unprotectedarticle' => 'unprotected "[[$1]]"',
'unprotectsub' => '(Unprotecting "$1")',
'unprotectthispage' => 'Unprotect this page',
'unusedcategories' => 'Unused categories',
'unusedcategoriestext' => 'The following category pages exist although no other article or category make use of them.',
'unusedimages' => 'Unused files',
'unusedimagestext' => '<p>Please note that other web sites may link to an image with
a direct URL, and so may still be listed here despite being
in active use.</p>',
'unwatch' => 'Unwatch',
'unwatchedpages' => 'Unwatched pages',
'unwatchthispage' => 'Stop watching',
'updated' => '(Updated)',
'updatedmarker' => 'updated since my last visit',
'upload' => 'Upload file',
'upload_directory_read_only' => 'The upload directory ($1) is not writable by the webserver.',
'uploadbtn' => 'Upload file',
'uploadcorrupt' => 'The file is corrupt or has an incorrect extension. Please check the file and upload again.',
'uploaddisabled' => 'Uploads disabled',
'uploaddisabledtext' => 'File uploads are disabled on this wiki.',
'uploadedfiles' => 'Uploaded files',
'uploadedimage' => 'uploaded "[[$1]]"',
'uploaderror' => 'Upload error',
'uploadlink' => 'Upload images',
'uploadlog' => 'upload log',
'uploadlogpage' => 'Upload_log',
'uploadlogpagetext' => 'Below is a list of the most recent file uploads.',
'uploadnewversion' => '[$1 Upload a new version of this file]',
'uploadnologin' => 'Not logged in',
'uploadnologintext' => 'You must be [[Special:Userlogin|logged in]]
to upload files.',
'uploadscripted' => 'This file contains HTML or script code that may be erroneously be interpreted by a web browser.',
'uploadtext' => 'Use the form below to upload files, to view or search previously uploaded images go to the [[Special:Imagelist|list of uploaded files]], uploads and deletions are also logged in the [[Special:Log/upload|upload log]].

To include the image in a page, use a link in the form
\'\'\'<nowiki>[[{{ns:6}}:file.png|alt text]]</nowiki>\'\'\' or
\'\'\'<nowiki>[[{{ns:-2}}:file.ogg]]</nowiki>\'\'\' for directly linking to the file.',
'uploadvirus' => 'The file contains a virus! Details: $1',
'uploadwarning' => 'Upload warning',
'usenewcategorypage' => '1

Set first character to "0" to disable the new category page layout.',
'user_rights_set' => '<b>User rights for "$1" updated</b>',
'usercssjsyoucanpreview' => '<strong>Tip:</strong> Use the \'Show preview\' button to test your new CSS/JS before saving.',
'usercsspreview' => '\'\'\'Remember that you are only previewing your user CSS, it has not yet been saved!\'\'\'',
'userexists' => 'Username entered already in use. Please choose a different name.',
'userinvalidcssjstitle' => '\'\'\'Warning:\'\'\' There is no skin "$1". Remember that custom .css and .js pages use a lowercase title, e.g. User:Foo/monobook.css as opposed to User:Foo/Monobook.css.',
'userjspreview' => '\'\'\'Remember that you are only testing/previewing your user JavaScript, it has not yet been saved!\'\'\'',
'userlogin' => 'Log in / create account',
'userlogout' => 'Log out',
'usermailererror' => 'Mail object returned error:',
'username' => 'Username:',
'userpage' => 'View user page',
'userrights' => 'User rights management',
'userrights-editusergroup' => 'Edit user groups',
'userrights-groupsavailable' => 'Available groups:',
'userrights-groupshelp' => 'Select groups you want the user to be removed from or added to.
Unselected groups will not be changed. You can deselect a group with CTRL + Left Click',
'userrights-groupsmember' => 'Member of:',
'userrights-logcomment' => 'Changed group membership from $1 to $2',
'userrights-lookup-user' => 'Manage user groups',
'userrights-user-editname' => 'Enter a username:',
'userstats' => 'User statistics',
'userstatstext' => 'There are \'\'\'$1\'\'\' registered users, of which
\'\'\'$2\'\'\' (or \'\'\'$4%\'\'\') are administrators (see $3).',
'variantname-sr' => 'sr',
'variantname-sr-ec' => 'sr-ec',
'variantname-sr-el' => 'sr-el',
'variantname-sr-jc' => 'sr-jc',
'variantname-sr-jl' => 'sr-jl',
'variantname-zh' => 'zh',
'variantname-zh-cn' => 'cn',
'variantname-zh-hk' => 'hk',
'variantname-zh-sg' => 'sg',
'variantname-zh-tw' => 'tw',
'version' => 'Version',
'versionrequired' => 'Version $1 of MediaWiki required',
'versionrequiredtext' => 'Version $1 of MediaWiki is required to use this page. See [[Special:Version]]',
'viewcount' => 'This page has been accessed $1 times.',
'viewdeleted' => 'View $1?',
'viewdeletedpage' => 'View deleted pages',
'viewprevnext' => 'View ($1) ($2) ($3).',
'views' => 'Views',
'viewsource' => 'View source',
'viewsourcefor' => 'for $1',
'viewtalkpage' => 'View discussion',
'wantedcategories' => 'Wanted categories',
'wantedpages' => 'Wanted pages',
'watch' => 'Watch',
'watchdetails' => '* $1 pages watched not counting talk pages
* [[Special:Watchlist/edit|Show and edit complete watchlist]]',
'watcheditlist' => 'Here\'s an alphabetical list of your
watched content pages. Check the boxes of pages you want to remove from your watchlist and click the \'remove checked\' button
at the bottom of the screen (deleting a content page also deletes the accompanying talk page and vice versa).',
'watchlist' => 'My watchlist',
'watchlistall1' => 'all',
'watchlistall2' => 'all',
'watchlistcontains' => 'Your watchlist contains $1 pages.',
'watchlistsub' => '(for user "$1")',
'watchmethod-list' => 'checking watched pages for recent edits',
'watchmethod-recent' => 'checking recent edits for watched pages',
'watchnochange' => 'None of your watched items was edited in the time period displayed.',
'watchnologin' => 'Not logged in',
'watchnologintext' => 'You must be [[Special:Userlogin|logged in]] to modify your watchlist.',
'watchthis' => 'Watch this page',
'watchthispage' => 'Watch this page',
'wednesday' => 'Wednesday',
'welcomecreation' => '== Welcome, $1! ==

Your account has been created. Don\'t forget to change your {{SITENAME}} preferences.',
'whatlinkshere' => 'What links here',
'whitelistacctext' => 'To be allowed to create accounts in this Wiki you have to [[Special:Userlogin|log]] in and have the appropriate permissions.',
'whitelistacctitle' => 'You are not allowed to create an account',
'whitelistedittext' => 'You have to [[Special:Userlogin|login]] to edit pages.',
'whitelistedittitle' => 'Login required to edit',
'whitelistreadtext' => 'You have to [[Special:Userlogin|login]] to read pages.',
'whitelistreadtitle' => 'Login required to read',
'widthheight' => '$1x$2',
'wikipediapage' => 'View project page',
'wlheader-enotif' => '* E-mail notification is enabled.',
'wlheader-showupdated' => '* Pages which have been changed since you last visited them are shown in \'\'\'bold\'\'\'',
'wlhide' => 'Hide',
'wlhideshowbots' => '$1 bot edits.',
'wlhideshowown' => '$1 my edits.',
'wlnote' => 'Below are the last $1 changes in the last <b>$2</b> hours.',
'wlsaved' => 'This is a saved version of your watchlist.',
'wlshow' => 'Show',
'wlshowlast' => 'Show last $1 hours $2 days $3',
'wrong_wfQuery_params' => 'Incorrect parameters to wfQuery()<br />
Function: $1<br />
Query: $2',
'wrongpassword' => 'Incorrect password entered. Please try again.',
'wrongpasswordempty' => 'Password entered was blank. Please try again.',
'youhavenewmessages' => 'You have $1 ($2).',
'youhavenewmessagesmulti' => 'You have new messages on $1',
'yourdiff' => 'Differences',
'yourdomainname' => 'Your domain',
'youremail' => 'E-mail *',
'yourlanguage' => 'Language:',
'yourname' => 'Username',
'yournick' => 'Nickname:',
'yourpassword' => 'Password',
'yourpasswordagain' => 'Retype password',
'yourrealname' => 'Real name *',
'yourtext' => 'Your text',
'yourvariant' => 'Variant',
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