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Get the url of the feed

Log into redmine and go the the Forums tab of the project whose forums you'd like to follow. Look in the bottom right corner of the forum page for the Atom logo.

find the link

Copy the address of the feed to your clipboard. If this forum is not viewable by the public, the address of the feed will have a key specific to you for viewing it, so don't share it.

copy the link

Subscribe to the url in Akregator

Start Akregator by selecting it from the Internet submenu under Applications.

starting up Akregator

Select "Add Feed" from the Feed menu in Akregator.

adding a feed

Paste in the url of the feed and click "OK".

follow the onscreen prompt

You are now subscribed to the feed. New items appear in red, unread items in blue, and items you've read in black. To view the whole forum thread that a post corresponds to, click the "Complete Story" link. You may be prompted to enter your Redmine username and password, which you can choose to save in the KDE wallet if you'd like.

read new posts
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