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Scanner Usage

The scanner is located on the Windows 2000 workstation Seahorse. Found in CII-7108.

The scanner runs with HP Precision Scan

Usage Directions

  • Log on
  • Open the scanner lid and place the page to be scanned.
  • The page should be aligned with the upper right hand corner of the scanner.
  • Close the top of the scanner and press the left most button on the front of the scanner.

Pressing the button will start up the HP Precision Scan Program and show you a preview of the page to be scanned. As seen below:


Once the program starts and you can see the preview of your scanned page, you can select what you want to save.

  • Using the mouse, make a box selecting which parts of the previewed image you would like to save.


  • By clicking on the output bar you can choose what type of output your final scaned image will be.



  • If you need to, you can also change the resolution, sharpness and dimensions.



  • Once you have selected the specific area that you would like to save click on the save button (the diskette) and enter and file name and type.
  • Click save and wait for the scanner to process your selection and scan the image.


Once you are done

  • Remove the image or page from the scanner.
  • Close the scanner lid.
  • Log off from computer.
  • Don't worry about the scanner, it shuts itself off after a preset time.
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