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Archiving to Tape

SCOREC has the facilities to archive your infrequently used data to tape for indefinite storage. There is not currently a limit to the amount of data that you can archive but there could be in the future. To put data into the archives simply make a tarball or Zip archive of the files or directory hierarchy and place the resulting archive file in the Archive directory in your home directory. The archive system will copy the files that you place there to tape and delete the local copy nightly.

Note: the archive system does not support directories in the Archive directory of your home directory, so you must place any directory hierarchy that you wish to archive into a single file (like a tar or Zip archive) first. The system will ignore any data in your Archive directory that are not standard files.

Note 2: you cannot archive a file with the same name twice (the system will ignore the newer one if you try). If you periodically archive a file or files with the same name, consider adding the current date to the file's name to make sure that the file is seen as unique.

Retrieving Data from Archive

Log into the [SCOREC Dashboard] and use the interface there to select archives for retrieval. Your archive will be restored to your Archive directory in the middle of the night and the archive on tape will persist. If you would like to delete an archive from tape you will have to email SCOREC support at Archive deletion functionality may be incorporated into the dashboard at a later date. Data archived in the past may not show up in your listing of archives if you archived a file of the same name on multiple occasions before the restriction on this practice was implemented. This data can be retrieved by emailing with the approximate date you archived the files and the names of the files that you would like retrieved (or ask for everything archived on a specific date for your account).

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