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Task: Getting started with SVN assuming a bit of experience with CVS. (in the video phasta is the example project but it should be similar for others)

Pre-conditions: None

Description of steps:

1) point your web browser to
2) if you don't already have an account, make one
3) check your email for notification of account formation
4)Follow that link on the email to go back to gforge
5)search for phasta in the Software/Group search window
6)Click the request to joing
7)Wait until project administrator approves your request
8)You should get an email telling you when your request is approved
9)Now you can go to the gforge site again (as shown in the tutorial) or 
  you can just start checking out software.  The movie shows you how to find Christophe's      
  tutorial pdf.
10) go to the location you want to put the checkout files
11) svn checkout phNSpre
    to get the trunk and put it into a directory named phNSpre (as is consistent with our 
    usual convention of double directory names)

Here is a movie of the above Link

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