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How to connect to SCOREC from Windows:

Step 1. First, you must download “putty.exe".

You can use this link to get to the download page:

Under Binaries, simply click the first link under For Windows on Intel x86, which is next to the word “PuTTY” to begin downloading. (See Step 1. in Visual Aids)

Step 2. Once the download is finished, open up the “putty.exe” file. If prompted, click the Run option.

Step 3. You should get the PuTTY Configuration menu to appear.

If you notice, the Host Name (or IP address) box will be empty.

Enter '' in the box and then proceed to click Open. (See Step 3. in Visual Aids)

Step 4. An option will appear that will ask you if you trust this Host Name. Simply select Yes and you will be taken to a login menu.

Step 5. Type in your username and password and there you go. You have successfully connected to SCOREC from a Windows Computer.

Visual Aids

Step 1.


Step 3.


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