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The following is a script used to checkout phSolver and its dependencies and be ready to start compiling.


  • You have a GForge account ( and are a member of the phasta project.
  • Your local user name is the same as the one on the GForge server. If not, you will have to provide svn your gforge username.
  • The $DEVROOT variable points to the root of the development tree. On SCOREC computers, this is pre-defeined as ~/develop. If you are not on a SCOREC computer, you will have to define it before running the script.
  • note that buildUtil does not have a double directory structure (e.g. not Util/buildUtil/buildUtil) like the other modules. If you have any enviroment scripts that your are sourcing, be sure that this change is reflected
  • As before, you can set environment variables on the "make" command line or you can set them in an environment variable file. An example of the latter can be found in /users/kjansen/develop/evnLinux90.bash. As the name suggests, it contains some architecture specific information that would need to change for different platforms.
  • The other pieces of phasta (not shown below since most people don't need to build them) can be checked out of svn in a similar way. The available (other than those shown below) pieces are: phNSpre, phAdapt, phParAdapt, phE2sms, phPart, phShape, phUtil, and phPost. Note that phPost has 3 subdirectories; phPost/Reduce, phPost/linePlot, phPost/phViewPara. Likewise, phUtil has 2 subdirectories; phUtil/LU, phUtil/Solution


mkdir $DEVROOT/Util
cd $DEVROOT/Util
svn co buildUtil
mkdir -p $DEVROOT/phasta/phSolver
cd $DEVROOT/phasta
mkdir phastaIO phMetis shapeFunction
cd phastaIO
svn co phastaIO
cd ../phMetis
svn co phMetis
cd ../shapeFunction
svn co shapeFunction
cd ../phSolver
svn co phSolver
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