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You can use the clusters for interactive jobs as well as normal batch jobs. One principal advantage of this is that you can run compute-intensive applications on dedicated compute nodes.

Matlab is used as an example below, but other applications can run this way as well.

  • To connect to the cluster, use ssh -Y borg. The -Y flag is required for X11 forwarding to work with the clusters.
  • To start an interactive job, use qrsh. You should see a node name instead of 'master' now. You can then launch matlab (You may need to launch it as /usr/local/matlab/latest/bin/matlab if you haven't modified your PATH.)

A few notes:

  • Do not run jobs/compute programs on the master nodes. If they are found they will be remorselessly killed. Repeat offenses will lead to your account being disabled.
  • Your normal SCOREC home directory is not available on the compute nodes. Your bigtmp space is available as /borg/username/.
  • Your cluster home directory (/users/username) is only available to store configuration and environment settings, such as your .bash_profile. Use bigtmp for any files you need on the cluster.
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