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Jabber Client Configuration (pidgin)

From the account manager in Pidgin, select add new account.

Under the "Basic" tab:

   Protocol: XMPP
   Username: $your_scorec_username
   Domain: scorec.rpi.edu
   Resource: lab

The Resource field on this tab has little impact on how this functions, but it is useful for showing when you are in the lab or at home.

If you are setting this up on a SCOREC machine, "lab" or "office" is appropriate, but if you are elsewhere you may want to use a different

value for "Resource"

Under the "Advanced" tab:

   select "Require SSL/TLS"
   Connect Port: 5222
   Connect Server: jabber.scorec.rpi.edu
   File transfer proxies: proxy.scorec.rpi.edu

Save the account and let it connect.

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