Make a DVD Movie From Frames

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Before Starting

  • Create a set of frames using your program of choice, numbering each image in sequential order zero padded. Place all the frames in a single directory.
  • Make sure you have a copy of QuickTime 7, iMovie HD, and iDVD

To make a DVD Movie from image frames

  1. Open Quicktime
  2. Select File > Open Image Sequence...
  3. Select File > Save As...
  4. Select a file name and Save as a self-contained movie
  5. Open iMovie HD and Create a New Project.
  6. Drag the movie you created in Quicktime into the iMovie project.
  7. Select File > Share...
  8. Select the iDVD tab and click Share. This will send your movie to iDVD.
  9. Click the Customize button in iDVD to select a theme for the title screen. Add photos and text to the title screen as needed.
  10. Select File > Burn DVD... to burn a DVD, or File > Save As Disk Image... to save your DVD as a DVD image (.img).


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