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For printer status, see CUPS. (On-campus users only.)


Available Printers

Printer Spool Name Location Description
thefastprinter CII-3206 Ricoh SP 5100n - prints duplex
thefastprinter-singleside CII-3206 prints single-sided to thefastprinter
thecolorprinter CII-3206 Xerox phaser 8560DN
thecolorprinterd CII-3206 Prints duplexed to thecolorprinter.
theofficecopier CII-4011 Ricoh SP 5100n - prints duplex
theofficecopier-color CII-4011 prints color to theofficecopier

General Printer Information/Guidelines

  • Don't send a job to a printer that you physically don't have access to (ie: don't print to the copier if the office is closed and you can't get in);
  • Pick up your job as soon as you can after you print it and don't leave a mess near the printer. Stray papers left near the printers will be recycled;
  • If your job does not print DO NOT submit a job twice. Check the following:
    • Look at the output of "lpstat -h cups" or browse to for the printer's status. If the printer is stopped you should email help at
    • If the printer appears fine when you check the queue (see above step) then you've probably jammed it or run it out of paper. If you require assistance clearing a jam or loading paper please email help at . If you load the paper yourself keep in mind that p1 and p2 are designed to take a full ream at a time and that loading anything less than that will likely cause a jam.
    • If it's after business hours and you need to print something but you job is jammed/the printer stopped/the job won't print then you should cancel your job (see below) and submit it somewhere else. DO NOT submit it somewhere else before you have canceled your first attempt.

How to print from the command line in unix

The lp command is used for unix printing. The syntax is:

$ lp -d printer_spool <document> 

To query that status of a job, use lpstat and specify the print server:

lpstat -h cups

To cancel a job you must cancel it on the print server (not the local host, unless it hasn't spooled to the print server yet). Note that the job ID on the print server will be different from the ID assigned by the local host.

$ lpstat -h cups -u todora
copier-5397             todora           71680   Thu 10 May 2007 10:09:35 AM EDT
$ cancel -h cups copier-5397

For more information on the lp command consult the lp man page using the command man lp from the command line.

How to print code

To prettyprint source code, use enscript. For example,

enscript --color -r -2 --pretty-print

will print on the default printer in color in landscape mode (-r for "rotate") in two-column mode (-2) and syntax highlighted (--pretty-print). To output to a postscript file, add -o

From Windows

SCOREC Windows workstations should already have the Windows accessible printers set up, though it is possible for them to disappear from your romaing profile. If you need to re-add the printers to your profile or if you would like to print to a SCOREC printer from your Windows laptop and you are on the SCOREC network then follow these directions: from the Start menu select Run..., type \\ and press return, you will be prompted for a username and password unless you are using a SCOREC workstation; enter your SCOREC credentials, double click the printers that show up at the ensuing screen to add them to your laptop/profile. You may be prompted about installed drivers for the printers when you follow this procedure, be sure to select "Yes" or you will not be able to print.

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