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Below is the draft plan to rollout the rhel7 image to the scorec workstations:


User Documentation

Beta testers

<user> - <software stacks>

  • morteza - X meshadapt, X pumi, capstone
  • gerrett - X engpar, X pumi
  • bill - X xgcm, m3dc1, bio
  • gopan - X xgcm, ? gitr (we never built this anywhere... not marking as 'needed')
  • alvin - phasta, X proteus (python, C++) - (or some other phasta person if alvin is too busy)
  • max - X albany, X parasolid
  • fan - phasta
  • morteza & Sam Pond (undergrad) - X acusim/acuConsole

First systems to convert

  • all debian 6 workstations - how many? 4-6 ?
    • if so, that should be enough systems
    • is anyone with a debian 6 workstation in their office not on the beta tester list?
  • conspiracy, catan, blockade, aggy's machine, piglet (server image and llvm testing), portal2 (VNC, Virtual GL)
  • Catan is done, Conspiracy is in progress, aggie's machine will happen after conspiracy is delivered.

Time line

<task> - <description> - <planned duration>

  • document needed software (see below) and share with beta testers - scorec research wiki page - one week - target april 30
  • install rhel7 image on beta machines - one week - target april 30
  • beta testing and fixing - beta testers build/run their software stacks on new image - three weeks
  • open testing and fixing - all users build/run their software stacks on new image - three weeks - state two weeks to avoid last minute panic
  • image deployment testing - reimage systems to test that all fixes were incorporated - one weeks
  • image all workstations - install the image - one weeks

Target completing deployment by July shutdown/maintenance

Needed software

<name> - <works=yes|no|unknown> - <notes>

  • acusim - yes - modules moved & modified, acuConsole loads
  • simmetrix simModeler and imageToModel - yes - modules created, needed to download rhel7 installer (rhel6 installs were depending on old
  • simmetrix simModSuite - yes - downloaded 12 beta now with rhel7 libs, module created
  • vnc
  • nx - yes - modules moved & modified, missing, copied from pachisi /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/, couldn't load afosr or kova parasolid models but could create a new model, export it to parasolid, and load that parasolid model
  • valgrind - yes - tested with scl devtoolset-7
  • totalview - yes - modules moved & modified
  • matlab - yes - modules moved & modified
  • parasolid - yes - modules moved & modified, kid.exe executes
  • libles - unknown - modules moved & modified


  • Does special consideration need to be made for the clusters, vnc servers, and jumpgate?
    • I imagine jumpgate and the vnc servers will be easy since they are not 'compute' systems
    • I have no idea how much work the rollout will be for the clusters
      • needs special mpich build - bob will install
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