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Ricoh Copier/Scanner/Printer in SCOREC Main Office


Step 1: Switch the machine to "Document Server" mode by pressing the "Document Server" button on the left of the control panel.
Step 2: Feed document(s) as you would if you were copying them (use feeder (NO STAPLES) or manually place the document on the scanning surface glass).
Step 3: Press "Scan Original" button on touch screen.
Step 4: Press Start button on right of scanner console.
Step 5: The document that you just scanned will show up with a serial number for a name on the touch screen display. Select this and use the "File Management" touch screen button on the upper right to change the file name to something descriptive and unique.
Step 6: At this point you may adjust other properties of the document using the touch screen display such as two-sided copying or stapling options for when the document is printed. Assuming that you just want an electronic copy of the file on your SCOREC home directory, continue on to the next step.
Step 7: Log into a computer running Microsoft Windows using your SCOREC username and password and launch the DesktopBinderLite program found under the DesktopBinder application folder under the Applications menu of the start menu:
Step 8: Select the Aficio 1035 icon in the left hand column of the window and drill down to "Document Server" as shown:

Step 9: Select the scan you just made and right click, you will be able to print or save the file to your home directory (mapped as drive latter H in Windows on SCOREC). Remember to delete files from the document server that you do not need to keep there.

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