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A side-by-side diff (vimdiff style) against a SVN repository within Vim using the following Vim plugin:


  1. Create a .vim directory in your home directory if one does not exist.
  2. Download the plugin zip file.
  3. Move the zip file into the .vim directory.
  4. Unzip the zip file unzip vcscommand-*.zip .
  5. Open Vim and enter the command :helptags to install the documentation. The documentation can be accessed in Vim with the command :help vcscommand.
  6. Set the versioning system type to SVN by adding to the ~/.vimrc file the line :let VCSCommandVCSTypePreference = "svn". Create the ~/.vimrc file if it does not exist. "git" can be used in place of "svn"

Side-by-Side Diff

Use the Vim command :VCSVimDiff to view a side-by-side diff of the currently opened file against the latest version in the associated SVN repository.

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