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All Platforms

All of SCOREC's interactive workstations have graphical web browsers. As such, the most universal mail client is the SCOREC web mail interface, driven by Squirrelmail ( This interface is very straightforward and feature set is very complete for a web client.


The preferred email client at SCOREC has been pine, which is no longer fully compatible with the email system. As such, the preferred command line client is mutt with the drawback that it is not available on Solaris.

To use mutt log into a Linux system and from your unix command shell copy the sample .muttrc from /users/Sample_muttrc to ~/.muttrc and edit the file to set your name and login. After editing the .muttrc you can simply type mutt and you will be prompted to accept or reject the mail server's SSL certificate (accept it byt typing ā€œoā€) then supply your password at the following prompt. Once logged in you will be presented with your Inbox. To change folders type ā€œcā€ and follow the on screen directions. To learn more about mutt please visit


The preffered email client for MacOS X is Thunderbird. Thunderbird is available on all of the Macintosh Computers at SCOREC and can be downloaded from Directions on configuring Thunderbird for accessing SCOREC email follows.

  1. Open up Thunderbird.
  2. Go to Tools > Account Settings...
  3. Click Add Account...
  4. Select email account and click Next.
  5. Type in your real name and your email address, which is and click Next.
  6. Select IMAP as server type and type as the incoming server. The Outgoing server is also Click Next.
  7. Your incoming username should be your account username. Click Next.
  8. Change the account name to whatever you would like, such as SCOREC Mail, or leave the default. Click Next.
  9. Verify that the information you provided is correct, then click Finish.
  10. Go to Tools > Account Settings...
  11. Under the email you just added, click the Server Settings tab.
  12. Check the box next to Use secure connection (SSL). Click OK. Your email account should now work with Thunderbird.
  13. Click Get Mail to test your account and make sure your account works.


If you have any other questions regarding email please send your questions to or contact the SCOREC office at x6795 or CII-7011.

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