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You think a tutorial is missing? You can help! A wiki is an interactive web site, so you can easily contribute. Here is how to create a new tutorial:

  1. If you do not have a wiki account yet, create one.
  2. Pick a title. It should be descriptive enough that one can figure out the task just by reading the title.
  3. Create a new page. This is done by pointing your browser to https://www.scorec.rpi.edu/wiki/title where you replace title with the title you picked above.
  4. Click the edit button at the top.
  5. Enter your tutorial. It should have the following structure:
    • Task statement (what the tutorials tries to accomplish)
    • Pre-conditions (software and other things needed to accomplish the task)
    • Description of the steps
    • References and links for more information
  6. At the very bottom of the page, make sure you have the following line:
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