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  • Don't use macros in C++.
  • Remember to use std::min(), std::max(), etc.
  • Use Boost [1].
  • Watch out for memory leaks; prefer to store data by value not by reference.
  • Be aware of auto_ptr.
  • Understand the semantic differences between references, pointers, and auto_ptr. (References are immutable, pointers are mutable but have no ownership implied, auto_ptr has ownership and mutability.
  • If you must throw, throw by value.
  • Keep interfaces narrow; consider what should be a method and what should be a function that takes a reference to a class.
  • Avoid using declarations in header files.

Libraries we should install

  • TVMET (Tiny-Vector/Matrix Library)
  • Blitz++ [2]

Other stuff

  • I have a bunch of questions for which I don't have satisfactory answers.
  • I've seen and done little bit what this world has to offer; some of it's pretty darn cool but there's a lot more. A list: User:BenFrantzDale/Life_to-do

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